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Kyoko Mogami
Anime - Manga
Kyoko Mogami colored manga
Kanji 最上 キョーコ
Rōmaji Mogami Kyōko
Stage Name 京子 Kyōko
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday December 25th
Status Alive
Relatives Saena (Mother)
Unknown Father
Occupation Variety Talent
Manga ACT.001
Anime Episode 1
Game PS2 Game
Drama CD Voice Actor Nagasawa Miki
Seiyū Marina Inoue
Live Action Actor Ivy Chen

Kyoko Mogami is the main protagonist of the Skip  Beat! series. At the start of the series, she was a sweet, hard working 16 year old who lives to help others, especially her childhood friend, Sho Fuwa. Kyoko used to put herself secondary to all of Sho's needs, enduring all of his bad moods and always trying to cheer him up. At one point, she goes to his workplace to deliver hamburgers from one of her jobs to surprise him. Since he has seemed stressed. There she overhears him admitting he had only brought her along so she could cook and clean for him.[1] This allows angry and vengeful spirits to escape her "Pandora's Box".[2] She vows to get revenge and Sho says that the only way to do that is to go into showbiz [3] thus joins Sho's rivaling agency LME with only one goal in mind: Revenge!


Kyoko is a kind and hardworking girl, and always put all others before her. She did everything to please others around her. She is very clever, although she's still a little bit dense and naive. This is proven when she manages to pass the High School Entrance exam with the highest grades, 100%[4]. She believes in fairies and always dreamed of her "prince charming" (Sho)[5] to marry her before he broke her heart.

Kyoko and Sho back then
As a sixteen year old she was still hard working, having three jobs at once to support Sho[6], and also very intense and very emotional when it came to Sho[7]. When she realized Sho's betrayal and her little vengeful demons were released[8], Kyoko became very quick to anger when Fuwa Sho is mentioned[9], although most people believe that this is because she's his fan[10] [11].

The most important change in Kyoko would be that she has lost the ability to love. Although she can still feel the love for a friend (such as Kanae) she ruthlessly squashes any romantic urges. She remains completely oblivious to Ren's affections despite others (such as Yashiro and Kanae[12][13]) pointing it out. She remains firm in her belief that no one could possible be romantically interested in her, and that love is "a prelude to despair and disaster"[14].

When Kyoko used to give chocolates to Sho
Kyoko tries to help everyone and seems to be very simple. But in reality, she is very complex and confuses everyone around her from time to time. She is also very passionate and will stand up for what she believes even if it makes her look stupid.

She acts like a baby often, but when putting her mind and energy to acting, she can become any character she wants, and the personality can stick with her even outside of the role, as shown when she plays Mio. She also pulls off heartless facial expressions even when she isn't in character in hopes to deter someone (or something).

As the story progresses, we are shown that in fact she has an incredible talent for acting, with Chiori even refering to her as "butterfly" or "fairy" as her talents are so fantastic[15]. Kyoko gradually becomes more absorbed in acting as a passion and gets conflicted over what she wants, revenge against Sho, respect from Ren or an acting career. She has a strong sense of determination and caring which she applies in her work and life to develop the story.


Height 5"4 (163cm)
Weight 52kg (114 lb)
Eye Color Golden Brown
Hair Color Chesnut[16][17] (Originally Black)

Before Kyoko found out that Sho was only using her to be his housemaid, Kyoko had a long black hair. Her hair is always up into a ponytail, as she was always working three part-time jobs at the same time because of Sho. But when her hair was down, it became really messy and wavy. She also did not care about her appearance at all, Kyoko did not use make-up or buy anything for her self. She usually wore her uniform for her work or casual clothing she had before they arrived at Tokyo.

After her makeover, she cut her hair down to her neck and dyed into a chestnut color[16][17]. She also changed a bit of her clothing. Instead of her old clothes, she bought new clothing such as skirt and jacket. Usually, she wears her bright pink Love Me jumpsuit while at LME. When she has work to do, she wears a top with a white jacket paired with skirt and boots.

During the series, Kyoko's appearance changes drastically during her roles. Many people say that she looks much different in her roles than how she is in real life, to the point that she becomes unrecognizable. The roles Kyoko portrayed was Choko, the angel in Sho's PV, Mio Hongo, Natsu, and Setsuka Heel. Her appearance also changed drastically during the Dark Moon party.


Kyoko was raised in Kyoto. Her father died and her mother was mostly indifferent and cold toward her. On tests her mother would only acknowledge Kyoko if she got a perfect score. Often, her mother would leave her at a nearby Ryokan managed by Sho's parents.[18] Sometime later on, when Kyoko was still young, her mother left her in the care of Sho's parents. Up to now, her mother's location is unknown and it is implied that she had abandoned Kyoko.

Sho Fuwa was her one and only friend during her younger years.[19] Her relationship with him was actually the cause of why she never became friends with anyone else as the others in their school and neighbourhood were jealous of her relationship with Sho.

Kyoko practically lived to please others. She worked hard at the Ryokan to please Sho's parents and she always tried to get 100% on all her tests in school to please her mother. She often cried over her cruel and indifferent mother who, no matter what she did, could not please.

Knowing she made Sho feel uncomfortable by crying in front of him Kyoko usually left for a secluded spot nearby the Ryokan to cry[20]. This is where she met Corn/Ren whom she believed to be a fairy prince[21]. They had only known each other for a few days when Corn/Ren had to leave. He left her with a blue stone and he told her she could put all her sad feelings into the stone.

After finishing middle school Sho asked Kyoko to follow him to Tokyo so he could realise his dream of working in the showbiz. Kyoko, who was deeply in love with Sho followed him putting herself, as always, secondary to his wants. Leaving her regular high school dreams behind her.[22]


Kyoko determinded Kyoko Mogami has it's own gallery page.


  • "The target is you!"
  • (to Ren) "Don't change the topic! Why did you subtract 10 points?! What did I do wrong?!"
  • "If you talk, I'll cuuuuuuurse you!"
  • (to Sho) "Does it hurt? But the feel of my heart BREAKING....was much much more painful!"
  • (destorying the phone) "You thought I really meant that?! You Jerk! If "sorry" was enough there'd be no need for HELL!!"
  • "So you want to destory me? I'll destory you first!!"
  • (to Ren) "Hamburger steak with a fried egg on it!"
  • (to Reino) "My life belongs to ME! He has nothing to do with it!!"
  • (to Sho) "Remember this until the day you die, stupid Sho! If you call me a stupid woman again, I will stalk you until you're born again and curse you!"
  • (to Ren) "YOU'RE LYING! That smiles proves it! I won't be duped! You changed your mind halfway!"
  • (talking to herself) "Makes me fell sick! What did she mean..."take your time"?! Why should I take time with this fool?!"
  • (talking to herself when forced to do something embarassing for her job) "Please! I wonder if some space aliens would invade Earth right about now!! Ahh, but they probably wouldn't attack a tiny country like Japan first... It's no use, they won't make it in time!"
  • (to Ren as Bo) "If hearing their voice, looking at them, peering into their eyes, If those small things make you happy, Then that's Love. I suppose..."'


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