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Kyoko-chan's Misfortune

White Day is a Holiday

Kyoko-chan's Misfortune is the eighth chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Ren is calling out Kyoko's name and is wondering where she is. Ren ends up finding her turn into an actual cat girl and is on the blanket, feeling cold. Ren remembers the possible spell the cat Kyoko found the other day as the cause of the transformation.

Ren enjoys playing with Kyoko's cat form. Yashiro observes how Ren plays with Kyoko's cat form and thinks that Ren is enjoying too much. Kyoko then suddenly tells Ren that it's time and tells him to stop playing with her.

Yashiro then gets Kyoko's cat form from Ren and plays with her. Ren goes back to Kyoko's cat form and takes her back from Yashiro. Yashiro then glances to the clock and calls Ren because he has a meeting to attend to. Ren sighs. Kyoko's cat form says bye to Ren. After Ren and Yashiro left, Kyoko's cat form is feeling lonely and wonders if Ren will take a long time to return. Sho then sees Kyoko's cat form in the table and grabs it, he says that Kyoko really did transform into a cat. Kyoko's cat form growls at Sho and scratches him.

Shoko then sees the scene and tells Kyoko not to worry. Kyoko goes on Sho's shoulder and tries to bite him and scratch him more. Sho shouts to Kyoko's cat form while Shoko still watches in amusement. Kyoko then thought she saw Ren and walks away. When she walked away, she ends up seeing Reino instead. Kyoko scares Reino by saying that Ren is there, which was effective.

After a few seconds, she then returned to her human form. Kyoko didn't notice Ren was behind her. Ren greets her and tells her how she has returned to her original form and pats her head like what he was doing when Kyoko was still an actual cat girl.


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