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Lory Takarada

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Kuu was formerly an artist under LME and President Takarada with his stage name, Hozu Shuuhei. He was also the original actor to play the role Katsuki in Tsukigomori, the drama that Dark Moon is a remake of.

President Takarada and Kuu appear to be very close[1] as Kuu still calls the president "boss" even after his career in Japan. Takarada was also the person Kuu turned to to help his son Kuon in Japan.

Ren Tsuruga

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During Kuon's younger years, he had wished to become just like his father when he grew up. He admired his father so much and would always be with him all the time.[2]

Ren really loves his family and respects his father a lot. However, it was hard on him as his parents' fame caused people to dismiss his own acting ability. He went to Japan and took on the stage name of Ren Tsuruga to get out from under his father's shadow. The lack of communication from his parents made him believe that his parents had given up on him. But during Kuu's visit, Ren came to understand their silence and sent a video to his mother.

Juliena Hizuri

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Juliena is the wife of Kuu, whom he loves so much. Kuu even declares that his wife and son are beautiful as god.However after his son was taken away by Lory.She totally stopped talking to Kuu for six month. She even said that she hates Kuu which hurt him deeply. However she realized Kuu's reason and waits for him to bring back Kuon's video message.She watched the video together with her husband resting on his arms.

Kyoko Mogami

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Initially, Kuu acted harsh towards Kyoko and tried to make Kyoko hate him, following Lory's plan.[3][4] He wanted Kyoko to hate him because Lory said that if Kyoko tells his son that he acted cruel to her, his son would just visit him right away without any awkwardness on not talking after five years. However, his plan on making Kyoko hate him did not work. Instead, Kyoko played along with him and still did her best in her job.[5] Kuu was amazed by Kyoko's character and gave her advice about acting. One time, Kyoko was about decline all her bully roles but Kuu stopped her and lectured her.

Then, Kuu thought that Kyoko did not know even the basics of acting. Kuu asked Kyoko to act out as his own son, Kuon when he was about 15 years old. Kyoko asked about the characteristics of his son, Kuu gave her so many, proving that he is a doting father to his son. Kyoko did not know her 'Kuon' character at first but when she remembered all the characteristics Kuu listed to her, she realzied that 'Kuon' and her fairy prince, 'Corn' have a deep resemblance on each other. She based her Kuon on Corn, not realizing that they're the same person.

The next day, Kyoko shows up to Kuu as Kuon. Kyoko spoke in English fluently and was dresed in American boy outfit. Kuu was amazed by Kyoko's acting. He really thought he was the 10 year old Kuon he knew. Kyoko as Kuon tagged along with Kuu on his following jobs. When they were at a TV Station, Kyoko bumped into Ren. Kyoko was still playing her character as "Kuon" and acted not to know Ren and Yashiro. Kuu called Kyoko's Kuon and also acted like he did not know Ren. The following day, Ren calls up Lory to meet up with Kuu. Kuu tells Ren that his mother wants to see him as "Kuon" just for a bit. Kuon agreed to do a video message to his mother.

Kuu was then delighted. He and Kyoko cook together at his last day at Japan. He was leaving earlier than scheduled because Kuu wanted to show Julie the video message right away. When he was at the airport, Kyoko called out "Dad!" then Kuu calls out "My son", stating that he acknowledges Kyoko as if she's his own child.


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