This article is about the role, you might be looking for the person with the same name, Kuon Hizuri.

Kuon (role)
Kyoko acting as Kuon
Kanji 久遠 ヒズリ
Rōmaji Hizuri Kuon
Gender Male
Age 10[1](What the role feels like to Kuu)
15[1] (The age Kyoko was aiming for)
Occupation Student
Portrayed by Kyoko Mogami

Kuon is a role potrayed by Kyoko Mogami. The role was based off from an actual person, Kuu Hizuri and Juliena Hizuri's only child, Kuon Hizuri.

This role is a special acting training for Kyoko, to improve her acting skill.


When Kuu Hizuri was visiting Japan for a holiday, he encounters Kyoko MogamiLory Takarada assigned Kyoko to assist Kuu during his stay at Japan as a Love Me task.[2]

Kuu realized that Kyoko's acting talent is not completely nurished, as she uses the reference and not her observation & imagination to create a character for the role.He also noticed that she can immerse herself in character,only she likes and not anyother roles.

So he gives her an assaigment to create a character whom he believes that she never met or heard before.Kuu then asks Kyoko to play a role to improve her acting skills. Kuu specified that she doesn't to replicate the real role but to create her own version of his son, Kuon.[3][4]



Basing from how Kyoko played the role and Kuu's description of his son[5], Kuon is actually a talented boy, who wishes just to become his father when he grows up.[6] Kuon loves his father very much and is very proud of him.[7][8]Kuon doesn't know how to cook.


The actual Kuon, Kuon Hizuri, grew up on America so Kyoko dressed up as an "American Boy". She borrowed the "American Boy clothes" from the LME's costume department.[9]

Reception Edit

Kyoko as Kuon successfully fooled the passerby in the lobby of the hotel who believed her to be a foreign boy as pretty as girl. Kuu before waking up felt that he had conversation with Kuon.Kuu also find that koyoko's portrayal to be the exact of Kuon and not out of place. Kuu even suspected that Kyoko's performance is as if she met him before and wondered if she asked Lory.

Lory also felt that Kyoko was immitating an aura similar to that of Kuon when he was still pure. Ren (the real Kuon) felt that he was seeing himself. Ren praised Kyoko that she grasped the exact feeling of Kuon.[10]

Gallery Edit


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