Kouki Takarada
Kouki Takarada - Chapter 119
Kanji 宝田 皇貴
Rōmaji Takarada Kouki
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Maria Takarada (Daughter)
Lina Takarada (Wife)
Lory Takarada (Father)
Occupation Businessman
Manga ACT.118
Anime Episode 3

Kouki Takarada is Lory's only son and Maria's father.


He is nowhere near as flamboyant as his father, Lory, is[1]. He likes to take on challenging work like his father though because of this his approach to work is very serious, too serious sometimes[1]. He does not like to disregard work for personal matters[1]. He cares deeply for Maria but he didn't know how to express it properly to her.


He has a combed straight, black hair with unspecified color of eyes. He wore a black suit at Maria and Kyoko's Grateful Party[2].


He appears to be the only child of Lory Takarada, the president of LME. He and Maria have been estranged for a period due to Lina's (his wife's) death and the circumstances surrounding that - Maria had asked her mother to come to Japan for her birthday in a rare act of selfishness but the plane crashed[3]. Kouki, while grieving, may have irrationally blamed Maria for it which may explain the estrangement[4][5].

Kouki is currently working in America.


With the help of his father and his father's close friend, Eltra Duris, he and Maria re-unites on Maria and Kyoko's Happy Grateful Party[6].


  • His given name, Kouki means "imperial and precious" while his last name, Takarada, means "treasure".


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