Kimiko Kamio
[[Anime | Manga | Live-action
Kamio kimiko
Kanji 上尾 君子
Rōmaji Kamio Kimiko
Live-action Name Shang Guan Jie
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age In early 50's
Status Alive
Occupation Veteran Actor
Company LME
Manga ACT.007
Anime The Labyrinth of Reunion
Game N/A
Live-action Episode 3
Seiyū Kiri Yoshizawa
English Voice Actor Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Live Action Actor Wu Min

Kimiko Kamio is a talented veteran actress, well known through out Japan.

Personality Edit

She considers herself very important due to her widespread fame. This attitude is evident when she is condescending to new talent such as Kyoko, and insensitive to making her coworkers wait. Takenori Sawara describes Kamio's personality as that of a diva.

Plot Edit

Although Kyoko does not realize this at the time, Kyoko's first job as a member of the Love Me Section. Kyoko, trying to sneak into LME to beg for another chance at show business, bumps into Kamio in a hall for veteran talents. Here Kamio scolds Kyoko for bumping into her and being in a hall that newcomers should not occupy. Kamio then realizes Kyoko must be from the "newly established" Love-Me Section, and dumps her luggage on Kyoko, as she is already late for a work trip.

With a confused Kyoko carrying her luggage and following, Kamio finally meets with her coworkers, including Ren Tsuruga, who are waiting for her so that they can travel to the filming location. Kamio excitedly meets Ren, and passes off her lateness with a convenient traffic jam, but Ren, seeing her for the diva she truly is, quips about how she would not be late if she'd use less time on her make up. Kamio, properly feeling ashamed, quitely hurries along with Ren until he wonders about her luggage.

Kamio then remembers Kyoko, who meets Yashiro, Sawara, and Ren. Sawara and Ren fill Kyoko in on the duties of a Love-Me member, and both Ren and Sawara seemingly wish her well. Kamio however, sees Ren handling Kamio's luggage and gives Kyoko a "10 points, Totally Insufficient" stamp on her cheek for a failed first job (even though Ren tricked Kyoko). Kamio then leaves with Ren.


(To Kyoko Mogami) Are you...that girl? The new girl in that brand new section?[1]


  1. Skip Beat! Manga Series VizMedia (3-in-1 Edition): Volume 2, Chapter 7, Page 233


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