Kenichi Katagiri

Kenichi Katagiri
Shos uncle
Kanji 片桐 賢
Rōmaji Katagiri Ken'ichi
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 40's (Saena's flashback)
Status Alive
Relatives Yayoi Fuwa[1] (Sister)
Sho Fuwa (Nephew)
Occupation Unknown
Manga ACT.220 (first mentioned)
ACT.229 (Saena's flashback)

Kenichi "Ken" Katagiri is Saena Mogami's boss at Viride General Law Office and Sho Fuwa's uncle. He was the man who advised Saena to let his younger sister, Yayoi to take care of Kyoko when she was younger which is why Sho and Kyoko grew up together.


Katagiri is described as the "crocodile-face lawyer" who could apparently still get laughs according to the two Love Me Members. He has a strong demeanor and is very serious with his work but he could also ease up situations if he needs to. Katagiri also has a love for sweets. Saena mentioned that he was willing to make a poem out of a sweet he was obsessing about.


He has a very strong and intimidating appearance and is usually seen with glasses and a business suit, which is typical for a professional lawyer like him. Katagiri is however, also described as "crocodile-face" by both Kanae Kotonami and Kyoko Mogami.[2]


He is revealed to be the older brother of Yayoi Fuwa, making him the uncle of Sho.


Saena's arcEdit

When Kyoko has her memory jogged by Saena into recalling that Saena used to physically hurt her, Saena reveals that it was Katagiri who decided to put her with the Fuwa family. It was done because it was believed best for Kyoko to keep her away from Saena. Kyoko is startled to realized that the man she'd seen on television who'd made her heart twinge was actually not a stranger and was someone who had even saved her life.[3]


Saena MogamiEdit



Kyoko MogamiEdit

Kyoko is the daughter of Katagiri's protege, Saena, and was raised by his sister.

Kyoko was always scared of Katagiri because his appearance reminded her so much of a crocodile. She used to scream when she saw him and run and hide, afraid as a baby that he might actually try to eat her.[4]

However, it was Katagiri who saved Kyoko's life [5], by insisting that Kyoko be raised by his sister [6] and kept away from Saena[7], who frequently physically hurt Kyoko[8].

Kanae KotonamiEdit

Yayaoi FuwaEdit

Sho FuwaEdit

There is nothing known about Sho's and Kenichi's relationship except for the fact that Kenichi is Sho's uncle.


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