Katsuyuki Konishi
Katsuyuki Konishi
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 41
Birthday April 21
Origin Wakayama, Japan
Occupation Voice actor
Skip Beat!
Role Ren Tsuruga
Episode appearances 25

Katsuyuki Konishi is Ren Tsuruga's seiyū.[1][2] He is also featured in drama CD's, BLACK Drama CD and KISSxKISS Drama CD Valentine Weapon.

Personal InformationEdit

Katsuyuki is affiliated with Ken Production. His debut role as a voice actor is Volfogg/Big Volfogg in GaoGaiGar. He has been in the voice acting industry since 1997. Also, he was the special guest of 2010's Anime Expo where he stated that each character whom he voiced is important to him.

Voice acting as Ren TsurugaEdit

Mamoru, along with fellow voice actors Marina Inoue and Mamoru Miyano, were interviewed about their voice acting in the anime.[3]

First Impression of Ren's character

  • I have let me do it the Tsuruga Ren role but, because it is normally cool people, we are in trouble what to do. In his first glance genius, anything can would be likely to image in mature feel, somewhere Toka or was natural, then or there is also childish place, full of humanity, though seem to perfect human person wonder if not a what, and I have been thinking.

Thoughts about the near-finish of the voice dubbing

  • Well, (Sho) is a genius singer (Ren), but is also a genius actor, Inoue (Kyoko) also because it is genius. Not only three of us, but I come out variously charming character at the time of episode 2, "Skip Beat! "What is not very few ordinary character, any character because even you started playing everyone grabbed a feature, rather than a impressions of up to two stories is fun character to come out more and more in the future.

Other characters that you find interesting

  • Kyoko and (Kotonami) Moko is Is not it do the CM by two people. I'm want to see it. I'm looking forward to say that it what do to what wind.

Favorite Dialogue

  • Although I'm a man of words, in the first episode, after that I said the words, if there is a place to be shouted with all his strength as "! Aho of Tsuruga lotus" to Kyoko, it is I will remain in the very impression.

Say a Thank You message to everyone

  • The charm of the original is intact become animation, be great if you can look with confidence towards the love original also, you think.

Toka cool smugly, rather than mean that cool addicted to type, and cool as a person, a person that lotus is difficult to play hard, and we are wondering whether it Enjiyo if I also. Approaching Ren Tsuruga even a little, because I think that Na glad if you can think to be cool, please look to chase until the end.


Skip Beat! InterviewsEdit


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