Kanji 軽井沢
Romaji Karuizawa
Type Town
Location Karuizawa, Japan

Karuizawa is a place popular among celebrities as it's used for shooting locations & its recording studios. Dark Mood staff all comment on the fact the Karuizawa is equated with fame. It's located in the mountains near Nagano, Japan. There are many forests in the surrounding area. Karuizawa reminds Kyoko of her home town, Kyoto where she met Corn within it's forests.

Information Edit

The well-known top-rated music studio, Wood Stick , is located here. Sho and Vie Ghoul both use it to record songs. Kyoko comes here for an on-location shoot for Dark Moon in which they use a large mansion for the scenes. Kyoko, Sho and Vie Ghoul all stay at Kirigataki Memphis Hotel during their time in Karuizawa.

Both Kyoko and Ren go for a walk through Karuizawa's forests, to see the stream near the hotel for it reminds them both of their time in Kyoto's forests.

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