Kaneko is scared of bj
Kanji 金子
Rōmaji Kaneko
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 30's
Status Alive
Manga ACT.214

Kaneko is one of Cain Heel's co-stars in Tragic Marker. He appears to play one of Black Jack's victims.[1]


Kaneko seems to be a professional actor since he was praised on his acting by one of the crew on the scene he did with Cain.[2] He admits that Cain is a good actor and agrees with Murasame that Cain might have been born to play BJ. He also said that he had felt scared when he did the scene with Cain where BJ found him.[3]


He has a black hair with dark-colored eyes. Kaneko has his black hair sleeked so that it looks like it's clean and shiny. He is seen wearing glasses that are light-colored with a plain white shirt that has a tie that matches with his business trousers and black shoes.


Technicolor Paradise arcEdit

The director gave an okay to the scene where BJ finds Kaneko's character, but they might need to re-do it again because there's too much sunlight. After, Kaneko was still on the ground stunned, while Cain walked back to the set. A crew member went running to him asking him if he's okay. Kaneko responded that he is. The crew member tried to comfort him by saying that the scene he did with Cain was actually really good and the emotions felt really real. Kaneko then admitted that it was his real emotions, since he could feel the chills on his spine running up. The crew member was surprised that falling down was not improvised. Kaneko replied that it definitely wasn't, and that when the sunlight hit Cain/BJ's face, it was exactly what Murasame said. The crew member quoted: "Nothing is reflected in his eyes?"[4] which Kaneko agreed to.

Kaneko then said that he feels like Cain is really BJ since the depths of his eyes looked empty and he did certainly look like a moving corpse like his character. Kaneko continued and said that he even forgot BJ was an actual actor, an actual living human. The crew member admitted that he reacts that way to Cain Heel, even when he's not acting. Continuing on to gossip, he shared with Kaneko that Cain, despite the weather and the costume, doesn't sweat a drop.


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  • (talking about Cain Heel) I'd heard about his acting, but when I stood in front of it as prey... I forgot a living human was behind it acting...[5]


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