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Kyoko Mogami

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Kanae is nicknamed "Moko" by Kyoko. Moko is the second member to be a part of the "Love Me Section" and Kyoko's first true friend (she doesn't have any friends before then because every girl hated Kyoko for her familiarity with Sho). At first when you meet Moko, she looks like she was being set up to be the villain to Kyoko's heroine,but as with all of the female characters in this series, Moko is much more sympathetic than she appears. While there was fur flying about at the beginning, both girls have a need for a true friend, and ultimately find that in each other (albeit reluctantly on Moko's part and willingly on Kyoko's part).

After their tag-team effort in winning an audition for a commercial, the two become best friends. Despite some differences in their personality, both girls recognize that they are in fact very similar, most notably their desperate determination to reach the top of the show-biz pyramid. Both coming from a poor family, they both strive endlessly to achieve their dreams. This, they recognize in each other, thus leading them to become friends. They are both incredible actresses with a great deal of respect for each other's talents.

Moko desperately wanted to be a star and was at the same audition as Kyoko, but although she did better than Kyoko, she also failed. Kyoko likes to cling onto her. At the beginning when Moko was trying to escape from Kyoko,Kyoko used her demons to bind here at a place.Moko is one of the people who can calm Kyoko down in mere seconds. Moko often feels the scary aura Kyoko has and she always calls her a housewife when Kyoko is making voodoo dolls. 

Hiou Uesugi

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Hiou is a youth actor with the appearance of a child whom Kanae has had to work with frequently. Originally they did not get along but eventually they became friends after working out some misunderstandings. On Valentine's Day Kanae made Hiou obligation chocolate, the first time she'd ever made some, and it was the only chocolate he accepted without feeling like he was being condescended to. It's hinted that Hiou might have feelings for Kanae.


Kanae's Older Sister

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Like her older siblings, Kanae's Older Sister is very much aware of Kanae's attitude towards their family, due to the stress their younger siblings and other children in their family. Even though Kanae's displeasure towards her family, her and and her older sister seems to have a pretty good relationship. Her older sister always borrows money from her and considers her as the "richest member" of their family, as it was revealed that Kanae actually had their house renovated once.


Erika Koenji

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Erika treats Kanae as her "rival" one-sidedly. Whilst Kanae treats Kyoko her rival, something that Kyoko osn't happy about. Erika is extremely envious of Kanae, mostly of her acting abilities. She insults Kanae everytime she gets a chance, while Kanae doesn't even bother to stand up to her because Kanae thinks everyone in the world only cares about money, until Kyoko made her realize that money isn't the only thing important in the world.

When Kanae and Kyoko got the role for the Curara Commercial, Erika was raged. She did not want Kanae to get the role so she went as far as ordering her bodyguards to try injure Kanae's face so she won't be able to shoot the commercial. Unfortunately, Erika's plan did not work, but she did not give up. She showed up in front of the Kanae and Kyoko, trying the injure Kanae herself instead. Kanae stops her and finally confronts her, telling her that she will never consider Erika as her rival if Erika doesn't "step down" first and go through the efforts she's been doing - meaning that if Erika stops using her family's wealth on getting roles.

Chiori Amamiya

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At first glance, Kanae thought of Chiori as someone who is a "weirdo" when she found out that Chiori actually volunteered to be in the Love Me Section.[1] But when Kyoko and Kanae were forced to do reviews on the movies Michika Kawagoe is in[2], Kanae and Chiori seems to rather get along since they both have the same opinion on Michika, both stating that Michika doesn't have any acting skill and both states that Michika annoys them.[3]

Saena Mogami

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Kanae was shocked to see Saena's name in the Lawyer Supervision on the drama series she was starring in. She then confirmed that she suspected Saena was Kyoko's mother and confirmed it was Saena when she saw her at the shoot because of Saena's resemblance to Kyoko's role, Natsu Kitazawa. Kanae also mentions that Saena has helped her a lot with the script.


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