Off-screen roles Edit

Start: ACT.016

Kanae intimidates the mocking students by memorizing the script in just a short time due to her photographic memory. She also performs every role in the script wonderfully.

On-screen rolesEdit

Commercial Edit

Audition start: ACT.024

Kanae joined the audition for this commercial and was paired with Kyoko. In the end, both of them were cast. This paved the way for future roles and gave her some fame.

TV DramaEdit

  • Unknown role (Unknown TV Drama)

Audition start: ACT.038

Kanae was recruited for the role, which she says is not a large one. The actress who previously had her part was fired. On the set, Kanae made the acquaintance of co-star Hiou Uesugi.

Audition start: ACT.215

Kanae was recruited for the third installment of the famous Minamori Miyako series.