KISSxKISS Drama CD Valentine Weapon is the third Drama CD that is released. This drama CD was released on January 19, 2013 in Hana to Yume's fourth issue.[1] and covers Sho's kiss[2] and Ren's cheek kiss[3][4] on Kyoko for Valentine's Day. Along with the BLACK Drama CD, this Drama CD features seiyus from the anime series.[5][6]



There are two tracks included in the Drama CD:

  1. Track 1 - Kiss A. Sho Fuwa
  2. Track 2 - Kiss B. Ren Tsuruga



Track 1Edit

Chapter 140
Pages: 10-13
Pages: 29-30
00:00 - 00:53
The drama cd starts with Kyoko going through her phone with a bunch of missed calls. She deduces it to be the vocalist from Vie Ghoul, and when she suddenly gets another call, she yells out without asking who is on the other line. Unbeknownst to her, it’s actually Sho.

Chapter 145
Pages: 3
01:00 - 01:15
Kyoko thinks about how she once thought that one’s heart only beats wildly while giving your significant other chocolates.

Chapter 142
Pages: 23-25
Pages: 12-23
01:16 - 04:00
Kyoko is thinking about the chocolates she made for the Beagle, and is irritated that she had to spend time on making his present, etc. She thinks about why she had to make him the chocolates in the first place, and accidentally drops them. While picking them up, Yukihito and Ren see her, and they see the chocolate with the word “hate” written on it. After Kyoko runs away, Yashiro comments how Kyoko was quite in a hurry.

Chapter 142
Pages: 18
Pages: 25-32
Chapter 143
Page: 01-19
04:00 - 08:06
Kyoko bumps into Sho on her way to the studio for the Quiz game. It follows the manga quite nicely, but the scene is strictly between these two, so Shoko, Beagle, and his long-haired band mate are not in it.

Chapter 141
Pages: 08-09
08:06 - 08:30
Sho thinks about the relationship between Kyoko and the Beagle.

Chapter 144
Pages: 13-25
08:30 - 11:32
Kyoko visits Ren to give him his birthday present. While she’s at it, she also gives Yukihito Valentine’s chocolates, while seemingly forgetting about her obligation to the former.

Chapter 144
Pages: 26-30
Chapter 145
Pages: 04-28
Sho visits Kyoko in the Dark Moon set to give her a congratulatory present—for becoming the Beagle’s supposed girlfriend.

Chapter 146
Pages: 04-16
18:48 - 22:03
Sho forcefully kisses Kyoko.

Chapter 146
Pages: 18-19
22:03 - END
Sho basically says that from the beginning, his goal was to get Kyoko back.

Track 2Edit

Chapter 146
Pages: 26-30
Chapter 147
Pages: 02-16
00:00 - 06:51
Ren encourages Kyoko to forget about her kiss with Sho with the actors’ “rule of the heart.”

Chapter 148
Pages: 04-08
06:51 - 08:33
Sho thinks about how Kyoko must be feeling after kissing her.

Chapter 148
Pages: 08-30
Chapter 149
Pages: 05-11
08:33 - 16:43
Kyoko gives Ren his Valentine’s present…then he does something that shocks her witless.

Chapter 149
Pages: 25-28
Pages: 03
Pages: 28-31
16:43 - 18:57
“He’s invading…my entire body.”

Chapter 150
Pages: 14-30
18:57 - END
Ren clears up the misunderstanding of his kiss to Kyoko.


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