Ivy Chen
Ivy Chen
Chinese name 陳意涵 (traditional)
陈意涵 (simplified)
Pinyin Chén Yìhán
Personal Information
Gender Female
Birthday November 12th, 1982
Origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Occupation Actress, commercial model
Skip Beat!
Role Kyoko Mogami/Gong Xi
Episode appearances 15

Ivy Chen portrays Kyoko Mogami in the live-action adaption of the Skip Beat! manga series.[1] Initally, she wasn't the first choice to portray Kyoko, the first choice was Ariel Lin but she backed out.[2]

Personal InformationEdit

She started her career by being a contestant in a variety show, which later led a talent agent to recruit her to officially become an actress.[3] Ivy also graduated with a degree of Information management from the Jinwen University of Science and Technology.[4][5]

Portrayal as Kyoko MogamiEdit

Appearance as KyokoEdit

Her appearance as Kyoko is different from the anime and video game adaption of the manga. Instead of having chestnut-colored hair, Ivy had a black, bob cut hairstyle for her performance as Kyoko.[6]

The color of Kyoko's eyes are golden brown[7] but in Ivy's performance as Kyoko, her eyes are colored dark brown. Despite Ivy's differences compared to the other adaptation of Kyoko, she and Kyoko have the same height, both being 163cm (5'4").[8][7]

Performance as KyokoEdit
Kyoko and Ivy's performance are almost exactly alike. Both are full of energy, rage, loneliness and resentment, but with a hidden bit of kindness. The character often reminds me of a puppy, seeking love and attention, even if she doesn't like it. After the betrayal she decides to join LME, begging her way into getting an audition. She fails after the second round becomes the first member in the new Love Me Section. I found that Kyoko seemed a little more sad and angry, while I felt Gong Xi more outgoing and happy at times.[9]

Episode AppearancesEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit


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