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I Like You! Please Reply Smartly!

Yukihito Yashiro's Heart-pounding Day

I Like You! Please Reply Smartly! is the second chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Maria tells Kyoko and Kanae about a confession she witnessed on the street between grade schoolers. Kyoko comments that the girl confessed to is great but the guy has considerable guts. Kanae says how she'd expected Kyoko to say that grade schoolers should focus on their studies. Kyoko points out that kids grow up by getting knocked down and standing up again, so she wants that couple to learn about the demon of doubt and breaking up for themselves. They get to the Love Me section room where Chiori had been assigned yet another vid to write about.

It's another romance and they walked in on the confession scene. The three Love Me members find it foolish how the guy confessed to says he just thinks about the girl who confessed and he goes all "twinkle twinkle" and end up critiquing the script, the acting, etc. Kyoko says the "twinkle twinkle" would have been appropriate for the grade schoolers Maria had told them about. So Maria asks Kyoko for an example of how one of the guys around Kyoko would reply, then recites the confession from the vid. Kyoko fumbles her reply, which ticks off Chiori. Chiori reminds Kyoko that Maria had asked how "one of the guys around Kyoko" would reply and adds that what Kyoko did wasn't the sort of acting that had intimidated Chiori.

She orders Kyoko to become that guy to the tips of her fingernails "if she's an actress." So challenged, Kyoko does a convincing Hikaru. Then Chiori points out that the one who confessed was a young girl, so Kyoko changes "Hikaru's" reply to something more appropriate. (Cut to Hikaru who'd sneezed then wonders if Kyoko is talking about him. The other two of Bridge Rock dismiss the possibility.) Then Chiori takes a turn confessing and Kyoko does Director Anna (of Box "R").

Kanae doesn't want to play along but Chiori challenges her, and Kanae decides to confess so cutely that Kyoko gets a nosebleed. When she "confesses," Kyoko does Hiou but suffers a nosebleed later in the scene and is unable to finish it. (Cut to Hiou who'd sneezed, then imagines Kanae talking about him and blushes.) Maria volunteers to do the next one. To Chiori's confession, Maria does He-Who-Has-Not-Been-Named, Lory's assistant. (Cut to Lory's mansion where Lory is playing an otome game and his assistant successfully stifled a sneeze.)

The play continues with Kyoko doing Yashiro (probably, although he looks more like Director Ogata), Kuu, then Sho. (Cut to Sho who'd sneezed but attributes it to someone talking about how cool he is.) By that point, Kyoko's tiring but says there's still a very important performer left: Ren. Maria practically salivates at the thought of the combination of Ren-sama and Onee-sama, and she insists on doing that scene. Chiori, Kanae and even Maria expect Kyoko to do Ren's refreshing gentleman as he turns down Maria's confession, but Kyoko does the Emperor of the Night instead. Kanae stops the the scene before "Ren" kisses Maria. Kyoko asks what's wrong? Couldn't they see it?

Chiori and Kanae say they could see it for some reason but it's like someone else. (Cut to Yashiro wondering if the pollen had made Ren sneeze since Yashiro had also sneezed earlier, then speculates that Kyoko-chan had been talking about Ren, a possibility Ren dismisses.) The game ends with Chiori saying it had been a nice stimulus, Kyoko adds it had gotten a bit too exciting, and Kanae points out it wasn't just "a bit" since Maria hadn't settled down yet. Then they realize Kyoko hadn't done Lory, but none of them could imagine Lory's reaction to a confession. (Cut to Lory who'd finally succeeded in his otome game and got a confession for his character...and he says his heart is going "twinkle twinkle." Then he plans on conveying the preciousness of love to the girls of Love Me.)


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