Hiromune Koga
Hiromune koga
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age early to mid 20's
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Manga ACT.243

Hiromune Koga is a male actor. He is currently starring as the hero, the Wandering Samurai - Sakanoe Shizuma, in the historical period film A Lotus in the Mud.

Personality Edit

Koga is an easy-going person with a more flexible way of thinking than his co-judges. He isn't too annoyed about lack of preparation on the contestants behalf. He doesn't mind having a laugh at their expense either like when Kimiko's attempt to glide like a ninja came off rather silly.

He likes the unexpected for he was delighted and intrigued when Kyoko walked into the audition room. He didn't hide his appreciation of her guts for coming back. He was interested about her character creations suggesting he is quite invested in his own craft.

Appearance Edit

Koga is attired in a light colored jacket that has 3/4 sleeves, underneath this he wearing a darker, patterned shirt. He also has a scarf on in dark marbled coloring however it is low enough on his neck that his jacket collar pops up. His black hair is short and wavy. It is parted on the left with a short fringe.

Background Edit

He has been an actor for longer than a year for he was included in the "Man who most women want to be embraced by" poll in ACT.001 and ranked 2nd after Ren therefore he must have been in showbiz for a while or created a stir to rank so high.

Plot Edit

A Lotus in the Mud arc Edit

Relationships Edit

Yuki Kuresaki Edit

Koga seems to understand that Kuresaki is quite strict when it comes to work and seems to respect that. Kuresaki seems to take Koga's opinions into consideration, may be because he is of a different speciality and age demographic.

Jouji Morizumi Edit

It's hard to know what Koga thinks of his co-judge and Director as there has yet to be any observed interactions between them.

Kyoko Mogami Edit

Koga was quite impressed and delighted by Kyoko coming back for it may have appealed to his own work ethic. He was intrigued and interested about her when reading her resume especially her regarding character creations regarding Mio and Natsu. He seemed even more happy with her when she asked for Shizuma's orders, as though this was something he had been waiting for.

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