Guam in Lory's map
Kanji グアム
Romaji Guamu
Type Country

Guam is an island. Guam's economy is primarily supported by its principal industry and tourism. Most of Guam's visitors are from Japan, which explains why a lot of people speak Japanese in Guam[1] and why some of the island's hotel contains some Japanese ornaments. Kyoko Mogami adores Guam and has been on the island with Jelly Woods and Ren Tsuruga.[2] Guam also have a lot of beaches. Ren, Kyoko and Jelly had a dinner at one of the dinner places at Guam before Jelly heads back to Japan.[3]

Known PlacesEdit

  • Royal Mikkou
  • Tumon Beach
  • Dinner place
  • Airport



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