Erica Lindbeck
Erica Lindbeck
Personal Information
Gender Female
Birthday May 29, 1992
Occupation Voice Actress, Actress,
Skip Beat!
Role Kanae Kotonami

Erica Lindbeck is the voice actress portraying Kanae Kotonami in the English dub of the anime.

Erica Lindbeck has been involved in several anime productions, including Aldonoah.Zero, Sword Art Online, and Your Lie in April. In 2015 she became the voice of Barbie in new talking and interactive versions of the classic toy.

Erica provides vocals along with Mela Lee in Magnolia Memoir's English re-recording of "Renaissance."

Personal InformationEdit

Erica Lindbeck was born in Boston, Massachusetts and her family moved to North Carolina when she was two. [1] She graduated with a degree in Theater, Film, and Television from UCLA. [2]


  • Erica and fellow Skip Beat! voice actress Mela Lee have their own YouTube series called "Lindbeck and Lee."[3]


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