Episode 9 (Live-action)
Episode 09
Live-action Episode 9
Episode Information
Air Date 19 February 2012
Opening S.O.L.O by Super Junior-M
Ending Zhe Shi Ai by Lee Donghae (Bo Po Shang) ft. Henry
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This is the ninth episode from the live-action series.


Lian and Gong Xi gradually become closer, dropping the outright animosity that used to exist between them.

Episode SummaryEdit

All the way from the lift to the car, Gong Xi is looking for a starting line to apologize to Lian for trying to ruin Shang’s poster.

Once in the car, she managed to get the courage to apologize. He tells her that he doesn’t blame her for revealing his whole schedule to the reporters. However, Gong Xi interrupts and says that she knows ripping up Shang’s poster will cause people to misunderstand that he hates Shang. Lian says that's not why he's upset; it is that she didn’t put him as priority. Lian also tells her that as a manager, they must put all personal feelings aside and put the artist first.

Gong Xi’s stomach begins to rumble, really rumble! Lian decides to use this opportunity to take her to eat. At the restaurant, Lian gives her a super duper sweet smile. This reminds Gong Xi of the time when she was Coco Chicken helping him to practice his script. Lian accepted an apology when it was sincerely given back then, so that is what she does: sincerely apologizes. However, he laughs at the stain on her mouth. She blurts out that when he is making fun or laughing at someone, he is really good at proverbs. However, Lian doesn’t realize what she is referring to.

Lian and Gong Xi walk home together. They spot a poster of Shang and both continue walking anyway. Lian tells her that it doesn’t matter if it is working hours or not, she can’t go ripping posters. Gong Xi awkwardly points out that this poster wouldn't be easy to rip since it is taped from the inside. Lian is surprised that she was actually thinking about it. Gong Xi tells him that she certainly did because she can’t let go of the chance to get revenge on Shang.

Lian tells her that he never thought she hated Shang that much. Gong Xi reveals that she can’t help but feel this way because every time she sees Shang, she would think of how he treated her. She has to prove to him that she is not that simple. Even though Lian openly recognizes that Gong Xi has had hardships, as an actor himself, there is no way for him to acknowledge her motivation. So he walks off.

The next day, Gong Xi decides to take the backseat instead because she has to keep her distance from Lian. Gong Xi’s phone – which by the way, is on silent mode – rings. She picks it up and it’s the president to tell her some good news: an acting school is accepting new students for the semester and he has applied for her to take the test. With joy, Gong Xi jumps and bumps her head on the car roof. 

Lian boasts to his hair stylist that he has never caught a cold in his life. Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Gong Xi makes some very weird impressions while studying with vigor. Lian excuses her to his hair stylist by explaining that she is prepping to take an entrance exam.

Lian recalls a past memory when Gong Xi scored 88% on her test. However, little Gong Xi was not satisfied because her mother is unhappy if she scores less than 100%. Little Lian comforts little Gong Xi by telling her that no one will think that scoring eighty-something percent is stupid. Scoring eighty-something percent is already really good. However, little Gong Xi is still unsatisfied.

Back at the hair styling, Gong Xi comments that she has to get 100%. She looks in the mirror and recalls what little Lian, "Corn" in her mind, had told her.

Lian gets what he deserves for bragging, and has caught himself a cold for the very first time. Unfortunately, he has to shoot a scene in the rain and Gong Xi is worried about him getting sicker than he already is. Lian’s partner keeps on NG-ing, getting her lines all wrong. So they stop for a break and Lian helps his partner to say her lines properly.

Watching him do a re-take, Gong Xi realizes that Lian was so calm because he didn’t want his partner to be nervous. She then wonders if he would be so caring if the partner were her instead. She recalls him not acknowledging her motivations for entering the showbiz industry. Her imagination won't let her dwell on negative things, so she then imagines herself riding a motorbike, ready to murder Shang. Ah, there's her happy place! Once the take is over, Gong Xi immediately rushes over to dry Lian up.

Lian and Gong Xi go back to their base. Lian is so sick that he collapses on top of Gong Xi. She tries to push him off but lacks the upper arm strength. Stuck, Gong Xi overhears Lian’s partner talking nearby and blames the girl's inability to say her line for her current predicament. How hard was it after all? Gong Xi mutters aloud the line that caused all the trouble. Hearing his cue makes Lian jerk awake and return to his acting mode, before he realizes what an awkward position he is in.

Lian goes on to film another scene even though he is sick because he doesn’t want filming to be delayed because of him. So Gong Xi goes to buy Lian two whole bags full of things useful for his cold. She gets him a cold compress sticky strip, cold medicine, lozenges, cold pillow, cough syrup and an ice pack. Oh, and she also bought him a radish which she made into something that is supposed to help sore throats. Lian is impressed, realizing that he was too concerned about her motivation and that he has overlooked her true self.

Lian drifts off into another memory – "The girl in my memories was kind. Her joys and sorrows often revolved around other people. She often cried because of her mother but at the mention of Shang she brightened up immediately. Even though she is a lot younger than me, her determination is super strong. No matter what, she gives everything her all and does her best. Ever since then, this girl’s image has deeply branded in my heart."

Lian merely wakes from his sleep and sees Gong Xi. He tells her "Thank you, Xiao Xi."

While Lian goes back to sleep, Gong Xi remains in his apartment to keep watch over him. She is trying to study but that is not working because all she can think of is him saying "Thank you, Xiao Xi."

She ended making breakfast for Lian who ask if she was the one who dressed him last night which she denies and says that he himself changed the clothes and again ask if he doesn't remeber anything which Lian says no. Gong Xi wonders if he didn';t remember calling her, Xiao Xi. Lian wonders why Gong XI triesher best for a hateful guy like himself.

Later, Lian is on shooting where Gong Xi tries to learn for her exams only to be drawn into Lian's acting. Lian reherse his script and find it hard to memorize.Gong Xi after witnessing this, recite the lines to Lian to help him reherse. Lian is amazed by Gong Xi's deleivery of speech and expression , and begin to wonder if revenge alone motivated her to become actress. Lian asks if she really enter entertainment industry for revenge. Gong Xi replies that it was at the begining but now she is trying to find the newself in her. Lian gives her the genuine smile.

Lian wakes Gong Xi who was at his house and ask her to sleep in the guest room. He insist her not to force herself to get full marks and to try her best. Next Morning Both Lian and Gong Xi stuck in traffic, Gong Xi demands the driver to do something to keep Lian on scheduled. Gong Xi finds a bike aand ask Lian to hop on. Lian vows to give 100 points this time.

In school, a fellow student, mocks her for getting into school by her agency and brags herself being busy while Going Xi is so free. Gong Xi shouts that she came to the college on her own and not by influence. On her way back to the agency, Going Xi saw her commercial being broadcasted. The viewers give their praise for the long hair girl but gave negative reception to the short haired one.

Later Lian called her to a nearby restarunt. Manager Du gave his praise for the commercial. Gong Xi thanked her for his advice and bringing up her confidence while Lian thanked her for she kept his punchual record in tact. Manage Du also conveyed his thanks. But, Gong Xi insisted that doing laundary, cooking are a part of manager's duty.

Manage Du wonders that these were not the duties of temprorary manager but the things one do for the special some one. Gong Xi takes out her stamp book and shows Manager Du the 100 points stamp given by Lian. But Lian flips the next page showing -10 points indicating a total of 90 points. Gong Xi blames Lian to be childish for not using 90 point stamp.Manager Du think that Lian is falling deeper in love.

In LME, Executive Shen hears the postive response for the commercial, He also recieves the news that Empress records want both of the ctress to be in their new MV. He informs the good news to Gong Xi who was pretty thrilled until, she learnt that it is Bo's MV.

Later in the locker room, Gong Xi meets the sad Jiang Nan Qing, who says that she want to star the movie . She also says that the role was already set for someone else but they replaced the cast with Qing, after the commercial success. Going Xi encourages her to take up the role while she though of using MV as her own stepping stone.

In the Empress records, Bo po Sang, watches the commercial.Xu Yongchun and Yangyang walks in.Sang questions about the short girl. Xu question if she is his type. She also inform him that the long hair girl rejected the offer. Sang wonders if she is the same Going X, if so can a little hair change make a difference.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Gong Xi
  2. cast and crew in Lian shooting
  3. Dun He Lian
  4. Hair stylist.
  5. crew and cast of Lian shooting
  6. Gong xi's High School class mates
  7. Kuang Meishen
  8. passer by
  9. Manager Du
  10. Manager Shen
  11. LME workers
  12. Jiang Nan Qing
  13. Bo Po Shang
  14. Yangyang
  15. Xu Yongchun

Behind the ScenesEdit

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