Episode 2 (Live-action)
Episode 02
Live-action Episode 2
Episode Information
Air Date 25 December 2011
Opening S.O.L.O by Super Junior-M
Ending Zhe Shi Ai by Lee Donghae (Bo Po Shang) ft. Henry
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This is the second episode from the live-action series.


Gong Xi overcomes multiple obstacles to be granted a chance to audition for LME, including meeting and clashing with Dun He Lian. During the last part of the audition she is asked to do something that hits a little too close to home.

Episode SummaryEdit

Gong Xi promises to become a bigger star than Shang. She laughs out loud – really loud – and the two security guards from the television station hear her but they just shrug it off as their imagination. However, she must first change her hairstyle.

After what Lian said to the TV station host, his manager called Lian's agency. After receiving a phone call from the president, Manager Du reveals that the problem has been solved.

The host is very apologetic for the actions of his manager. He even wrote Lian an apologetic email. Lian says he is not interested in the email but Manager Du reads it out for him anyway. In the email, it is revealed that the host has a daughter who suffers from an incurable disease and is wheel-chair bound for life. She didn’t want to socialize any more. The host used the autograph to motivate her to socialize again. She wanted to show it off and agreed to invite her friends over for her birthday party. The host promised him that he won’t let the same thing happen again.

Lian is standing by the window listening to his manager read out the email. He sees a girl running towards the LME building. Who could that girl be? None other than Gong Xi of course! Manager Du finishes reading the email and wonders what sort of heartless person he is to have no reaction to such a meaningful letter. Oh, that’s right, other than work, Lian has feelings for nothing else. Downstairs, Gong Xi sporting a cute bob haircut, is demanding the receptionists allow her to see someone with authority even though she has no appointment because she wants to become a performing artist for their company. Luckily, she meets the one of the department heads, Manager Shen. Manager Shen has a talk with Gong Xi to see what type of performing artist she wants to become – singer, actor, or host. She can’t sing, doesn’t have an interest in acting, and doesn’t like forcing jokes.

It seems as though Lian is not so heartless after all. He has ordered a bear for the host’s daughter and he will go and visit her after work.

Back at Gong Xi's interview, Manager Shen accuses her of being Dun He Lian’s fangirl and ushers her out. Gong Xi is trying get back up using the down escalator with Manager Shen trying to stop her. Lian and his manager come down the escalator, which startles her. While Manager Shen explains the whole situation to Lian, Gong Xi mutters to herself that she can’t possibly join the same agency as the horrible Lian. She then rethinks and realizes that she is now mortal enemies with Po Shang and has no reason to hate Dun He Lian anymore. Lian’s manager notices that while usually everyone is happy to see Lian, Gong Xi is feeling hopeless and miserable at the sight of him.

Gong Xi suddenly finds herself thrown out of the LME building but she tells herself that she won’t give up that easily. Manager Shen and Manager Du are inside talking. Lian sees Gong Xi kneeling outside with some very big posters that read: “Manager Shen, it was me who was wrong. Please give me another chance.” Lian and Manager Du decide to tease Shen, mentioning examples of stalkers that have happened in the past. Then they leave, wishing him good luck dealing with this chick.

Manager Shen is off work and is relieved to see Gong Xi not there. Suddenly Gong Xi appears out of nowhere and follows him home.

Extreme situations need to be handled in extreme measures. Gong Xi camps outside Manager Shen's house for three days while her spirits haunt him every night, preventing him from getting sleep. Shen's wife is upset by his erratic behavior yet chance always prevents her from seeing Gong Xi outside their house when he tries to explain. On the fourth day, Manager Shen wakes up to find breakfast made by…Gong Xi. His wife had let her in, delighted to believe Gong Xi's excuse that he'd ordered her breakfast service. Presenting Manager Shen with a ridiculously large bill, she informs him that he can either pay it or give her another chance at the agency. He decides to give in.

Manager Shen makes a last-minute move and adds her into the talent contest as number 101. He is reluctant to give her the application sheet but he gives it to her in the end.

Gong Xi is filled with joy as she leaves because she is about to become an LME artist. On her way out, she bumps into Lian. He snatches her application form and tells her that she must have gone to extremes to make Manager Shen give up. He just stares at her, so she interprets that he is saying a person like you will not succeed. Lian tells her condescendingly that she knows that she is wasting her energy and yet she still wastes other people’s time. The judges who have to watch her performances can do much better things. He is curious to know why she wants to enter the showbiz industry when she has no interest in it.

Gong Xi blurts out that she wants to take revenge on Bu Po Shang. At that moment, Lian turns around and takes out his phone to search up who Bu Po Shang is. Gong Xi is surprised and upset that he doesn’t know who Bu Po Shang is. She is about to list Shang's accomplishments but realizes that he is her mortal enemy now. Lian walks off with her application form but she manages to get it back. He asks her if she is doing this purely for revenge. "Why? Isn't it allowed?" she pushes back. Rather than waste his own time by getting into it, Lian says to forget about it and they will speak more if she passes the audition.

Gong Xi adds a picture of Lian alongside her picture of Shang on her wall and throws a dart at it. She pokes a voodoo doll that she calls Shang with a needle. She vows that she will take them both down and they will both have to call her Empress Gong Xi. Meanwhile, the restaurant owners are role-playing as a doctor and nurse when they hear Gong Xi in her room.

It’s the audition day. Gong Xi looks around and notices people all looking their best because they want to be chosen. She looks at herself in the mirror, and blames her poor appearance on that rotten egg, Shang. She spent all of her money and could only afford to buy herself clothes, a mobile phone, and a new haircut. Nothing left to buy make-up. She takes out her voodoo doll of Shang and starts to berate it. A woman abruptly walks out with a child asking who the mother of the child is. No one responds. She sees Gong Xi holding a doll and tells her to take the child out even though the child is not hers. She continues her insults and tells her to leave if she is not serious about this. Gong Xi’s anger builds up as she recalls Shang using the same words to describe her.

The auditions are well under way. However, the judges aren’t impressed with the first group of applicants. One of the judges asks Manager Shen why he suddenly added an extra person in. Is there something special about her? He tells the judge to do what they feel like, including cutting her. He then thinks about what Gong Xi will do to him if she doesn't make the cut. He worries that she will haunt him and his family for life. Lian is off shooting an action sequence for a film. He asks his manager how the auditions are going. Manager Du is curious why he wants to know.

The remaining applicants file in to audition. The woman with Gong Xi wants to know where the president is. He makes a spectacular grand entrance coming out in a salsa dance. He is introduced as Luo Li. He welcomes the applicants and only asks them to impress him.

Gong Xi watches as each person performs. All of the acts are brilliant to her. She remembers asking her boss for help with her act. He lends her one of his heirlooms. Number 100, Jiang Nan Qing, goes up to perform. She introduces herself and says that her goal is to become a successful actress. She asks for a script, which the judges give to her. It is a script of an LME musical based on a skit originally made famous by Abbott and Costello: “Who’s on First.” Qing skims through the script and when she is ready, she offers to perform any part in the script. The president selects out a scene for her to perform. She performs brilliantly, not missing a single line. The judges are very impressed that she could memorize the script in such a short amount of time and get into character.

Gong Xi is the last applicant to go on stage. She introduces herself and doesn’t know what to say afterwards. One of the judges tells her to say why she wanted to come into the industry. She tells them that she wants to be a bigger and better star than Bu Po Shang. The judges laugh and Manager Shen is wondering why she would say such things on stage. The president quietens the other judges down and says he doesn’t think she is a fan girl of Shang because if she is, she would want to join Shang’s agency and not LME.

Gong Xi begins her performance. She picks up a knife in one hand and a radish/daikon in the other. She tells herself to calm down and remembers that the boss lent her the knife with the requirement that she does not give up. She performs her act – peeling the radish/daikon into thinner than paper-thin translucent slices and arranges it into a beautiful rose. This is a Japanese cooking art known as katsuramuki. Gong Xi learnt this skill while living with Shang’s parents in order to impress them. The president tells her that her performance was the most interesting that he has seen all day.

Everyone leaves. Qing congratulates Gong Xi for her performance but she calls her a pig with an elephant nose, something that is rare and bizarre to look at but has no real value. Gong Xi, in return, calls her an elephant with a pig nose behind her back.

The second round of the audition commences. It is a reaction test. A mobile phone is passed from applicant to applicant. Each of the applicants must continue the conversation from the other end. Qing gets into character very quickly with a tear rolling down within three seconds. The judges are really impressed with her. Gong Xi gets the phone and the person on the other end of the line is a man who apologizes to her. He says that he is sorry for being selfish, stubborn and heartless. Gong Xi looks over and sees Shang, and imagines talking to him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Gong Xi
  2. Dun He Lian
  3. Manager Du
  4. TV station host
  5. Host's daughter
  6. Receptionist #1 and #2
  7. Manager Shen
  8. Manager Shen's wife
  9. Apparitions
  10. Boss's wife
  11. Boss
  12. audition actresses
  13. Jiang Nan Qing
  14. Maria
  15. Judges of audition
  16. Luo Li
  17. Shang's father
  18. Shang's mother
  19. Bo Po Shang(Imagination)

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