Episode 14 (Live-action)
Episode 14
Live-action Episode 14
Episode Information
Air Date 25 March 2012
Opening S.O.L.O by Super Junior-M
Ending Zhe Shi Ai by Lee Donghae (Bo Po Shang) ft. Henry
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This is the fourteenth episode from the live-action series.


Both as Coco Chicken and just her plain self, Gong Xi tries help Lian overcome his acting block. He decides to accept her help and invites her over to his place to role-play with him. Things get a little unexpectedly intimate, but it works. Lian figures out how to portray Jia Yue, and just in time. The next day Luo Li and the media are watching to see how well he does, and it is his entire career on the line.

Episode SummaryEdit

Lian is having a talk with Coco Chicken. She tells him that every time she talks with him, she feels that he is very serious so he must have thought the loving couple was pretty boring. He tells her no, it is actually the complete opposite and that he wishes them the best. Gong Xi is extremely happy because Lian saying this allows her to continue on. She asks him, "isn’t a contradiction that he doesn’t like romantic relationships but actually wishes the couple the best?" He tells her that because this world is filled with love is what makes it perfect. But if she asks him whether he can overcome the barrier of being in love, well, it’s just something that he can’t do. He can’t let anyone become the most perfect person in “here”. She asks him what “here” means. Lian's answer is the acting industry.

Gong Xi is left to wonder and be depressed all because of Lian.

Director Xu Fang calls to inform Lian that he already knows of his condition. The director will only give him one day to sort this out and that he wants him to be on set tomorrow to play Jia Yue’s scenes. The LME president will also be there.

Leaving the lift, Lian sees Gong Xi. He asks himself, if he were Jia Yue, what would he do? Manager Du is more than happy to see Gong Xi. She has come to visit Lian because she doesn’t have to do any filming. She especially made him an obento box. He was reluctant to accept it but after some good words from Manager Du, he happily accepted it. He also asks her for a favor – to borrow her time and body tonight! Gong Xi is shocked.

When Gong Xi arrives at Lian’s doorstep, she tells him that next time to just say what he means and not to use innuendos. Lian teases her for letting her mind go in that direction based on what he'd said. He asks her to help him with the script by acting out Mei Yue’s part. She tells him that she hasn’t rehearsed the lines before but he tells her to just bring out the Mei Yue within her. They decide to start from a created scenario of Mei Yue visiting Jia Yue after he hadn't shown up to teach for a few days. They both get into their respective roles.

She stands outside his door and rings the bell. He opens the door and tells her, "Cut!" She asks why when she hasn’t even started acting. He answers it is because she hasn’t acted anything. He tells her to think about the Jia Yue in the script. He lives in an apartment by himself, five minutes away from the train station and where there are many people. Most importantly, Jia Yue’s girlfriend is Wei Xu. He tells her to consider Mei Yue’s mood.

Gong Xi gets into character and even starts picturing the surroundings as though she really is at Jia Yue’s apartment. She rings the bell and then acts worried because passersby are getting suspicious of her. *Ring, ring, ring!* She then runs to hide behind a wall because he is taking forever to open the door. Finally, he opens it. She quickly rushes back and just asks him why he was away, telling him that everyone is worried about him. He answers and tries to shoo her away. Knowing that she can’t stand out there forever, she thinks of a way to let herself in the house. She sticks her foot in just as he was about to close the door, which results in her foot getting hurt. Now Jia Yue has no choice but to let Mei Yue in.

She looks around and mentions that his house is just like he described. She wonders if the other rooms are also like this. He strictly tells her no and that she is to leave immediately after he has wrapped her foot. “A male teacher cannot be alone with a female student.” Gong Xi starts to think of a way for Jia Yue to not kick Mei Yue out. Aha! She tells him that if he does not allow her to cook for him, then she won’t allow him to treat her injury. It backfires because he tells her that if she doesn’t want to aid now, then she can leave right away. He makes her repeat what he told her about how male teachers cannot be alone with a female student. However, she asks him what if she doesn’t use her student identity to come here.

Since he is going to get married to Wei Xu one day, then they will be relatives in the future. Isn’t it appropriate for her take care of her older cousin’s husband who is sick? Lian heads into dark mode, internally saying how it hurts to hear the girl you love mention your relationship with someone else.

Jia Yue tells Mei Yue that since she mentioned Wei Xu, he now really wants to see her. Oh? Is it like this? To brighten her mood, he tells her that other than Wei Xi, she is the first girl to enter his house. He was about to help her wrap her foot up but he got a bit faint. Gong Xi realizes that Lian's expression as Jia Yue feeling ill is exactly the same as when he had a high fever. Jia Yue tells Mei Yue that he is fine. She responds that seeing him sick like this, she can’t just leave. No matter what, she won’t leave him home alone unless he can prove to her that he is fine. How? She tells him that he can prove it by eating all of the congee that she makes.

Jia Yue consents and helps her bandage her foot first. She escorts him to his room. Gong Xi realizes that since this is Mei Yue’s first time here, she should be acting as if she is clueless as to where things are.

In his room, he tells her that he is going to rest while she should make him the congee. She looks around and sees that his bed sheets are askew and realizes that he took so long to answer the door because he was already resting! Gong Xi gets emotional at the extent to which Lian will take acting, and starts to tear up. When Jia Yue asks Mei Yue what's wrong, Gong Xi comes up with an excuse to cover her tears and confesses in character that she doesn’t know how to cook congee. Mei Yue tells him that although she doesn’t know how to cook, she will try her best, so please don’t kick her out. He agrees.

Gong Xi is off making congee while Lian is left to think that he can’t let his feelings for her to be exposed. He keeps recalling — *Bang!* Lian goes to see what Gong Xi has done. It turns out she was trying to reach for a pan that was positioned high up and it landed loudly on the floor. While awkwardly standing on the stool, she begins to fall. Upon landing, she wonders why the fall didn’t hurt and sees that her prince charming has saved her. The two are lying intimately on the floor. Lian hugs Gong Xi sweetly. However, in her version, she calls him teacher and jerks him back to reality, or, at least, their role-playing reality.

Lian immediately comprehends the awkwardness of this dual situation. Gong Xi wonders why Jia Yue is hugging Mei Yue so tightly. He realizes that he can’t let Gong Xi know his feelings so has to come up with an in-character excuse for why Jia Yue would cuddle Mei Yue after breaking her fall. His solution is to play it up, so he passionately touches her face and asks her if she has kissed before. Very flummoxed, Gong answers as Mei Yue: "Teacher, please be more sensible." After some more jibber jabber from Gong Xi/Mei Yue, Lian turns around and tells her as Jia Yue that he was punishing her for not listening to him when he opened his door. He just wanted to let her know how dangerous it is to unexpectedly come into the house of a man who is living alone.

After he gets the pot for her, he leaves and thinks to himself, I actually went out of control. Even I haven’t seen myself like this. This person is the real me isn't it? It’s not Jia Yue and it’s also not the actor called Dun He Lian. The real me has been lured by her.

Between what just happened and Mei Yue's lack of cooking skills, the congee is bound to be burnt. Gong Xi hadn't planned on burning it though, and she starts to apologize in character but Lian interrupts with “Gong Xi”. This diverts her attention because he called her familiarly by her real name. He thanks her and says that he can handle the role of Jia Yue now. After she leaves, he is about to eat her burnt congee but he gets a message from Manager Du notifying him that the news of his condition spread to the media and that there will be lots of reporters at tomorrow’s shooting.

On the way to work, Gong Xi has a feeling that today is going to be a good day. However, at work she spots LME president Luo Li and senses tension in the atmosphere… Not a good day is it?

The Luo Li announces to the media that Lian will retire from the showbiz industry if he can’t handle the role of Jia Yue. The reporters will be the ones evaluating Lian’s performance. The director tries to save Lian but it doesn’t work because Lian accepts the chairman’s idea.

After his announcement to the media, he spots Gong Xi sitting by herself all depressed. Though he doesn't see them, her spirits are there to comfort her. He asks her why she is angry. Gong Xi tries to deflect but Lian isn't fooled. Finally, she tells him that she doesn’t want to see him leave the showbiz industry. He promises her that he won’t leave unless his acting is really bad.

Lian requests to not act by the script. The director hesitates but then agrees. Lian even goes so far as to say that he will bring out Yi Mei’s complete ability in this. Yi Mei thinks that Lian is looking down on her by saying that he can make her act the way he wants, so she plans a scheme to not saying anything. Once the scene begins, Gong Xi realizes that Lian is not continuing the lines quickly like he usually would. When Mei Yue cuts her hand, Jia Yue looks at her, takes hold of her hand, and says that he is going to help her disinfect it. He takes it up and is on the verge of sucking her blood when she jerks back, shocked.

Yi Mei thinks to herself that he caused her to almost yell out loud. Jia Yue asks Mei Yue if she thought he was going to lick her finger. He explains that as a teacher, if he licked her finger the matter would be blown up. Gong Xi realizes that this is a re-enactment from yesterday and that Mei Yue should be like her, unable to utter a single word. Yi Mei wonders why Jia Yue who clearly likes Mei Yue would do such things and use such a cold expression toward her. Although Lian originally started portraying his role fiercely, the Lian right now is not one that Yi Mei recognizes.

Mei Yue wonders why Lian would cause her to not say anything when he claimed he would bring out her complete ability. Jia Yue turns from Mei Yue to face the cameras and creates a fist. The director realizes that Jia Yue is hurting a lot in his heart and that Lian has completely grasped the role of Jia Yue. Gong Xi is worried for Yi Mei while Manager Du is saying that it is correct for Yi Mei to not speak. Gong Xi realizes that this is correct – Mei Yue is hurt and Jia Yue is hurt. She realizes that the best way to express these feelings is to be in deep silence.

Mei Yue is wondering why Jia Yue isn’t speaking for so long. Finally, Jia Yue speaks up. He tells her that he feels that his joke went overboard. Gong Xi is so happy that Lian is able to use this to solve the awkwardness. Manager Du realizes that only through this can Jia Yue express his love.

Everyone thinks that they can revert back to the script but Lian thinks otherwise. Mei Yue decides to go and brew some tea but Jia Yue stops her by asking about the injury to her hand. To prove that she is fine, she decides to go and play the piano. He looks at her with his sweet smile expression.

Gong Xi notices that Lian sometimes looks at her with that expression. She realizes that Jia Yue would smile like that to Mei Yue because he loves her... so if Lian looks at her with that expression... it means…he doesn’t hate her as much.

Jia Yue tells Mei Yue to play any song that she likes. Yi Mei recalls telling the director that she is not good at playing the piano and that the only song that she knows how to play is "Chopsticks." The director tells her that it is okay and they can get a double for her hands. Jia Yue tells her that it is okay, and that if her aunt and uncle return, he will tell them that he made her play. Lian goes to sit and play the piano with Yi Mei. Manager Du is extremely worried because Lian’s still developing his piano skills. Gong Xi wonders how Lian will be able to play Chopin's "Fantasy Impromptu", the complex piece used in the drama. Lian starts to play something that resembles nothing like Chopin…

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance

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