Episode 11 (Live-action)
Episode 11
Live-action Episode 11
Episode Information
Air Date 4 March 2012
Opening S.O.L.O by Super Junior-M
Ending Zhe Shi Ai by Lee Donghae (Bo Po Shang) ft. Henry
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This is the eleventh episode from the live-action series.


Gong Xi is able to temporarily put Shang behind her as she works to repair her relationships with Lian and Nan Qing. She and Nan Qing become stronger friends after opening up to each other. Honesty is also the way to go for Gong Xi to get back in Lian's good graces. It's a good thing it works, because the attention Gong Xi received for appearing in Shang's video has led to her being cast alongside Lian in a TV drama remake. His advice and support is already opening her eyes to the new challenges she's about to face.

Episode SummaryEdit

Gong Xi tells Shang that she never knew he had such talent in making girls to stop crying. However, it seems like that she was the only person that he couldn’t use that talent on. She explains that every time she cried, he would only stand and watch. Never did he comfort her once. Shang tells her that he wasn’t just purposely standing there doing nothing, but that he really didn’t know what to do. Gong Xi knows, that is why every time she wanted to cry after that, she would leave to not let him see her sad face.

Gong Xi walks away, telling herself that she left to go to a place where he would not see, a corner that belonged to her, and cried there. And that was where she met Corn.

Shang catches up to her, stops and asks her if it was like that; whenever she disappeared it was because she was hiding somewhere crying? She tells him to not ruin her beautiful memories with Corn. Suddenly, her phone rings. And guess who it is? Lian!

Gong Xi’s tone immediately transitions from anger to a sweet angel. She apologizes for her phone acting up weirdly. Then Shang snatches the phone and tells Lian that Gong Xi wanted to tell him that she was filming his MV and how her popularity is going to sky rocket now. Gong Xi angrily asks Shang why he did that, explaining that it wasn’t easy for Lian to find time in his busy schedule to call her. Shang reminds her that the one she is supposed to hate is Lian. Gong Xi irritably tells him that the one she hates is him before storming off.

Realizing that the voice belongs to Bu Po Shang, Lian is very very very unhappy about it.

Gong Xi’s mind is clearly elsewhere because she can barely concentrate at work, constantly thinking about Shang’s phone encounter with Lian. Maria comes to find Gong Xi. Seeing the state that Gong Xi is in, Maria asks her if she did something that is irreparable. Gong Xi then lets out a sigh. Maria informs her that every time she sighs, she loses a bit of happiness.

She tells Maria, “Something like happiness, regardless of whether you sigh or hold your anger in, if it wants to leave, no matter how hard you try, it will still leave.” She sighs again and tells herself that she is already not a person who can hold onto happiness so what can losing a little happiness do to her? She recalls when she was little having fun with Shang. In a voiceover, she says that since being dumped by that pig head, all the happiness that she has accumulated when she was little has been leaving bit by bit.

She wonders if she should call Lian and apologize.

Maria is looking at Nan Qing’s profile and suggests that they throw a celebration party for her. Gong Xi asks, "A celebration party? For what?" Maria tells her that it is for her debut as an actress. Oh! Right! Gong Xi realizes that she has been leaving Nan Qing to the side. Gong Xi is about to happily take Maria to go shopping for a present but then she realizes that she doesn’t know what Nan Qing likes. Gong Xi gets all depressed, claiming that she doesn’t even know when Nan Qing's birthday is. Maria passes her Nan Qing’s profile, and they decide to go to Nan Qing’s place.

On their way, they meet Lian and Manager Du in the lobby. Maria runs up to him and gets lifted into a hug. Gong Xi greets Lian as well, but he just walks away with Maria. Gong Xi follows to apologize to him. Lian says that he heard the voice mail she'd left for him and comments how “that person” must be really immature. That has nothing to do with her, and she doesn't need to apologize for it. She's relieved that he's not mad, and Lian agrees that he isn't mad. Gong Xi, however, can tell that he's lying by the fake smile he gives.

Lian turns his back on her and asks if she enjoyed working with that immature person. He faces her dead on when he points out that, after all, she'd taken the job to ruin Shang's shoot out of revenge. Manager Du is surprised to hear the word "revenge" and becomes even more curious about what is going on between Gong Xi, Lian, and now Shang. Gong Xi is dismayed that Lian realized "that person" was Shang. She tells Lian that she didn't accept the role in the video for revenge. Besides, she didn't ruin the MV. Lian takes a moment to wonder about this and then asks her genuinely if she hadn't taken the role hoping for revenge. Gong Xi denies with forced laughter and an excuse about finding the part interesting. Lian can tell that she's lying to him and leaves.

Lian take his anger out elsewhere – on the production crew of a new drama. Manager Du reminds him that he must not be so impolite. He has already approved of the script before and now he has an attitude. Is his anger is due to Gong Xi? Lian tells Manager Du not to bring other people into his work issues; he'll discuss the script with the crew again. Manager Du doesn't let up though, because he wants to discuss Gong Xi right now. What's her relationship with Bu Po Shang? What is this about revenge? Lian says nothing. Mananger Du wonders if he is really angry now.

Gong Xi decides to go do some snooping with Maria on Nan Qing. They follow her to an amusement park and see Nan Qing having a fun time with a guy. Gong Xi grows jealous. As they leave, they see that Nan Qin has changed her clothes and has gone on to the car of an old man who seems quite rich. Maria mentions that the man could be Nan Qing’s father. So Gong Xi comes to the conclusion that Nan Qing is from a rich family.

Later that day, Gong Xi is back working at her former restaurant. Nan Qing comes in with yet another older man, who calls her "Xiao Hua"… and whom she calls "Dad." There is an awkward moment when Nan Qing realizes that Gong Xi is there serving the party one table over and has overheard them.

Gong Xi is left pondering which one of the men is actually Qin’s father. The next day at work, Gong Xi asks Nan Qing about her dad. However, Nan Qing just slams a door in her face. She then hears people gossiping about her and Nan Qing labeling her as number 1 and Nan Qing as number 2. While Gong Xi is at work as Bo, Nan Qing goes to find her which makes Gong Xi extremly happy.

Gong Xi has a sleepover at Nan Qing’s place. Nan Qing explains to Gong Xi about her extremely large family. Later that night, Gong Xi tells her how happy she is to sleepover at her house, and wants to play a game with Nan Qing – one where they each exchange a secret. Gong Xi asks about Nan Qing's boyfriend. She denies any relationship and learns that Gong Xi saw her from afternoon and tells her that because of her large family, she has to take on a part time job to subsidize her expenses so what she saw today is actually her job. Having fun with the guy at the amusement park? Nan Qing tells her yes, and that includes the man that she thought was her dad. She explains that she is a role-player and that this job is perfect because it allows her to practice her acting as she is role-playing.

It’s Gong Xi’s turn to share a secret, but she backs out saying that she has no secrets. Nan Qing is a bit put off, but decides to be understanding and doesn’t push her. Before Gong Xi sleeps, she asks for the courage to be able to be like Qin, allowing her heart’s secret to be told without the fear of judgement.

The president has called Lian to have a talk with him. Luo Li tells Lian that his affectionate scenes have been done horribly. This is because he is constantly keeping his feelings under control and not allowing anyone to enter his heart, and has therefore lost the chance to understand women. Ultimately, Luo Li fears that Lian's career as an actor will be at stake.

Gong Xi is informed that she has been selected as one of the supportive leads for a remake of a huge hit drama twenty years ago. Gong Xi is shocked that she has been chosen. Manager Shen explains that the president of Queens Records recommended her to the director after her filming of Shang’s MV. Secretly, Gong Xi is pleased that she used Shang as a springboard. Gong Xi’s mood is really happy but that turns to the total opposite when she is informed that the main male lead is Lian.

Gong Xi goes to find Nan Qing in the locker room. Nan Qing pushes for Gong Xi to hold up her end of the secret exchange. When Gong Xi doesn't share, Nan Qing is about to leave in a huff, but Gong Xi’s spirits pull her back.

While in the car with Lian, Manager Du observes that he's been preoccupied lately and wonders if it is because of Gong Xi. Lian requests that he stop bringing her up at every situation. Manager Du doubts that Lian's attitude is because of work; he'd just landed a big role, famous especially for its romantic qualities. He's about to make females across the nation swoon and pin up his picture on their walls. He should be happy yet he is acting quite unhappy. So it must be because of Gong Xi isn’t it? Lian protests that Gong Xi is still very young. Manager Du laughs that idea off, because she'll be growing up fast. In fact, he's willing to bet that she'll become more beautiful and charismatic. While Lian is still keeping his distance as if she were just a little girl she'll be swooped up into the arms of another. Lian rolls his eyes, but when the light turns green he takes off with his manic driving.

Gong Xi is crying her heart out to Nan Qing. So Gong Xi finally got the courage to tell Nan Qing all of her secrets. Nan Qing comes up with ideas of what Gong Xi should do. She suggests that Gong Xi sell Shang out to the gossip magazines. However, Gong Xi disapproves of the idea because how long can it last? A year? Two? She'd just be left stewing in her rage while it will have blown over for him. Gong Xi wants her revenge to be long term. Nan Qing then suggests that she accept the drama, because wasn’t the cause of her entering the showbiz industry to get revenge? So she must make the most of it and accept the drama because the more popular and outstanding she is, the more that Shang will have to take notice. However, Gong Xi needs to have the resolve. Qin asks her if Shang is still on her mind when she acts. Gong Xi takes a moment to consider and answers that, no, she's completely in her role when she's acting. Qin is pleased and encourages her; as long as she feels the pleasure of acting and works with her heart, then that's all it needs to be.

Okay, problem one solved. Now onto problem two: Lian. Gong Xi asks what she should do about him. Nan Qing admits that the problem is strange since Gong Xi has already explained and apologized to him. Could it be jealousy, she wonders. Maybe he likes her? Gong Xi accidentally spits her water into Nan Qing's face as she reacts to the notion of Lian in love with her and jealous of Shang.

Nan Qing’s next words weigh on Gong Xi's mind. If Lian hasn't fallen in love with her, then he must be upset that she lied to him, because it's obvious she took the part in Shang's video for revenge. Gong Xi recalls herself as Coco Chicken and Lian telling her he accepts sincere apologies. So that is what she decides to do, only to promptly come face-to-face with him. She is in the lift and screams as though afraid when she sees Lian and Manager Du about to board. She immediately shut the doors on them while continuing to scream. Lian and Du are surprised, but then Du can't keep from smiling at how obviously dismayed Gong Xi was at the sight of Lian. At the next floor Gong Xi runs out to the corridor admonishing herself for acting like an idiot. She lets out another loud wail when it occurs to her that she'd rudely kept them from getting on the lift. The sound carries, and inside the lift, where Lian and Manager Du have successfully boarded, the passengers are wondering what that odd sound is. Manager Du is smiling and Lian coughs awkwardly into his hand. The ride stretches out a little bit longer until the doors open to reveal Gong Xi waiting for them on the other side. Gong Xi launches into a rapid and sincere apology for lying to Lian.

The president has invited the director of the new drama over to his place to have a chat. The director is feeling awkward having this conversation in a bathroom. To make things more awkward, the president makes him sit in the bathtub with him… The director tells him that he would really like Lian to play the male lead. However, the president tells him not to use Lian.

Gong Xi, Lian and Manager Du are out for coffee. Gong Xi tells Lian to please believe her. He tells her that he believes her because if she were embracing the idea of revenge she wouldn’t have filmed the MV smoothly. Okay, so everything sorted? Nope, your hearts aren’t sorted.

Gong Xi overhears the director telling Manager Du that Lian might not play the male lead because the president disapproves. Gong Xi then comes in and introduces herself. She mentions that ever since little, her dream is to play the role of a young rich lady.

Meanwhile, Lian is having another talk with the president. The president tells Lian that if he had truly exposed himself to his emotions and if he had truly fallen in love with one of his former girlfriends, he would not have handled it so smoothly when they left him.

Gong Xi acts really childish when she finds out that the role that she will be playing isn’t that of a young rich lady who lived the life of a princess, but one who is mean-spirited and manipulative. Lian comes in and announces that he will accept the job and made the president reluctantly accept it, too. He offers handshakes to Gong Xi and the director.

It is press conference time for the new drama, Dark Moon. Qing Jie, the actress who played Gong Xi's role in the former Dark Moon has returned to play the female lead’s mother this time. Gong Xi introduces herself but receives a very blunt and mean response from Qing Jie. Not happy about this, Gong Xi sends her spirits to Qing Jie.

Gong Xi goes to find the director, who is sitting alone and is pale like a ghost. He tells her that his nerves are getting to him, but Gong Xi remains concerned.

As Gong Xi is heading back, she sees Lian. She asks him if he is nervous because for the past few days, she feels that his nerves were wound up and today he is quite solemn. Nervous? He isn’t the type who gets nervous. He asks her if she is serious. Gong Xi immediately says of course not, she was only joking.

Lian points out that whether it is because of nerves or not, everyone is intimidated by the previous Dark Moon and yet she sees no different from normal. She tells him that she is very happy to be able to act this role. Lian is concerned because earlier she didn’t want the role of Wei Xu and even threw a tantrum about it and now she appears to be at ease. Has she even thought about surpassing Qing Jie? Reading her expression, Lian asks if could it be that she never thought about it.

And so the press conference begins.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Gong Xi
  2. Bo Po Shang
  3. Dun He Lian
  4. Manager Du
  5. Maria
  6. Jiang Nan Qing
  7. Jiang Nan Qing's boyfriend, father (role playing of Qing)
  8. Customers in Boss restarunt
  9. Luo Li
  10. Balley dancer
  11. Qing's family (photo)
  12. Manager Shen
  13. Director Xu Fang
  14. Yi Mei
  15. Qing Jie
  16. Bodyguards of Qing Jie
  17. Apparitions
  18. Reporters

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