Episode 10 (Live-action)
Episode 10
Live-action Episode 10
Episode Information
Air Date 26 February 2012
Opening S.O.L.O by Super Junior-M
Ending Zhe Shi Ai by Lee Donghae (Bo Po Shang) ft. Henry
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This is the tenth episode from the live-action series.


Gong Xi goes to film Shang's MV "Prisoner" at Queen Records. She pretends to be a Shanghai-ese weirdo to prevent Shang from finding out who she really is.

She volunteers for the role of the angel who kills the demon (Shang) whilst her co-star Mei Sen takes the role of the angel who falls in love with the demon.

Meanwhile Du Jin is now aware and supportive of Lian's feelings towards Gong Xi.

Back at the MV, Shang tricks Gong Xi into revealing herself by tempting her with a swan-shaped makeup case, knowing that she loves fairy tales and magic enough to have nicknamed it Odette. In return, Gong Xi rises to the challenge and presents her hate in full force. The producers and Mei Sen witness this.

Mei Sen refuses to co-act with Gong Xi, saying that she can't put on a good performance because she hates her too much. Shang tries to appease Mei Sen by saying that Gong Xi was only a childhood friend, and that he sees her as an enemy. Once Mei Sen is convinced that Gong Xi is not a rival, filming continues.

The producer of the MV advises Shang to scrutinise 'Gigi's' skills, seeing that he will have to compete with her. Shang and Gong Xi continue to butt heads. Mei Sen asks Gong Xi to explain the relationship the two of them have; Gong Xi reaffirms that they are enemies, but Mei Sen remains jealous.

When they film the scene where the angel kills the demon, Gong Xi goes overboard and nearly strangles Shang. The producer tells her to pull herself together and ponder the scene. In need of help, she calls Lian, but he is not available. She ends up talking to Qing and asks her how she would feel if she fell in love with a person who will kill her. Hearing her response, Gong Xi returns to the set in a sombre mood.

When they film the scene again, Gong Xi performs magnificently.

Lian returns Gong Xi's call, since she cut off her voicemail halfway. Du Jin remarks how incredible it is that he's returning a call while working. The call doesn't go through, and Lian is left questioning.

Gong Xi has immersed herself so much in her character that she has trouble pulling out of it. The producer reminds her that none of this happened in real life. A little while later, she makes fun of Shang for forgetting to close his eyes during the climactic scene.

After she changes out of her costume, the producer praises Gong Xi on her fantastic acting. She leaves in high spirits. Mei Sen starts crying when she thinks that Shang might not like her. He notices Gong Xi watching them and says that Mei Sen is feverish and tells her to lie down.

Episode SummaryEdit

After staring at Gong Xi for so long, Shang still can’t pinpoint that girl in the commercial is Gong Xi. Meanwhile, Manager Du is wondering when Lian will realize he has fallen for Gong Xi.

Lian thinks about how Gong Xi only entered into the showbiz industry for revenge. Gong Xi has arrived at Shang’s management company and is frustrated that they are keeping her waiting. Lian says in a voice-over directed to Gong Xi “Eventually, there will be one day when you will forget about him. Before that day arrives, as long as you don’t see him again, that will be good.”

While in the waiting room, she notice Shang appearing. He doesn’t seem to recognize her though. Her vengeful spirits appear and she tells her that that first step of this revenge is to use Shang as a springboard so they must not let that pig head recognize Gong Xi or else this whole plan will fail. They tell her to put on a smiling face.

And that is what she does. She goes out enthusiastically to greet Shang like a star-struck fan girl with cantonese and a fob Hong Kong accent. Luckily for Gong Xi, he doesn’t seem to recognize her. Gong Xi offered a handshake. At first he was dumbstruck but she called him back to attention. When she shook his hand, she appeared hysterical. She introduces herself as Gigi.

Shang tells himself that the girl is definitely not Gong Xi because although Gong Xi is a little bit stupid, but she isn’t up to the point where she is a complete retard.

The Queen Records’ Company’s President, Xu Yong Chun comes to greet them. Gong Xi is shocked to find out that the person who appears on the back on every one of Shang’s album is the president who is girl because she always thought that she was a man. As they are walking, Shang appears very intimate with the president. She thinks about how he has never been that close with her before and only thought of her as a maid.

Gong Xi then meets Mei San, her MV counterpart who is also the girl at her university. Mei San is on the verge of revealing that Gigi is actually Gong Xi. Gong Xi acts all hysterical when meeting her. Her vengeful spirits then come to work and stops Mei San from revealing her secret.

Shang tells himself that the girl is definitely not Gong Xi because Gong Xi has no interest in other idols except for him. Mei San then protectively goes to shield herself in front of Shang pushing Gong Xi away and telling her that Shang is hers, the angel that he will fall in love with.

The MV is explained. There is a cold hearted devil who doesn’t understand what love is because his heart is made of ice. There are two angels who are very kind hearted and have a very close sister-like relationship. One day, one of the angels and the devil met.

They became mutually attracted to each other and soon fell deeply in love with each other. Their love was discovered by the other angel. She became extremely worried because angels and devils are considered different races and therefore this love will only lead to destruction for the both of them. In order to save her companion who is deeply in love with the devil, the angel decides to go and kill the devil with her very own hands. As soon as the explanation is over, Gong Xi puts her hand up to play the role of the angel who kills the devil.

Gong Xi is in the bathroom with her Shang voodoo doll. She tells her reflection what a good opportunity this is; she is getting paid for ridding Shang. She then starts to go coocoo saying that she will let Shang die slowly and painfully. She then starts to eat her voodoo doll of Shang… coocoo alright, LOL

Mei San is telling Shang that Gigi is such a freak, choosing a different role to other people. Shang replies that some people are just like that; they don’t have the ability to become popular so they must take drastic measures. She tells him that it is better this way because she originally thought that she was going to steal her role using her LME background. LME? Shang realizes that she must be Lian’s junior. Shang asks her if she knows Gigi’s real name since she knows her. Mei San tells him that her parents must be really idiotic to give her such a weird name. She tells him her name is really idiotic and she was like “congratulations for making a red fortune. Now give me red envelopes!” Shang persuades her to write it down.

However, Gong Xi has just gotten back from the bathroom. Her spirits stop Mei San from doing any drastic; that is revealing who she actually is.

She enters and hurriedly comments that Shang and Mei San are really like a couple. She then complains that she is really hungry.

The president apologizes for just getting them take-away however, Gong Xi is more than satisfied with her favourite chicken drumstick obento box. Shang wonders why he didn't get one. No need to fear, because Mei San bought him a special home made one! Seeing this, she recalls herself once doing the same thing. In her mind, directing to Mei San, she says “No matter how nicely you treat him, he won’t be grateful. Mei San, I hope you don’t go down the same path as me.” After eating something, Shang puts on a face that is ready to puke. Seeing this, Gong Xi realises that he must be eating the dreaded sweet egg that he hates. Not wanting Mei San to feel bad, she chucks Shang a bag of salt.

Yeah, Shang has found out. No one knows him as well as Gong Xi.

At the dressing room, he sees a bottle of perfume with a swan on top and is reminded of the time when Gong Xi’s eyes glittered when she saw the perfume but didn’t buy it.

Gong Xi goes to compliment Mei San. Mei San tells her that no matter how much make-up she puts on, Shang won’t like her because she is not his type. Gong Xi tells her she knows that because he likes … girls with more substance.

Shang then goes to confront Gong Xi. She is staring open widely at him. He asks her if it is because she is stunned. She snaps out of it and tells him in her broken cantonese that it is because of his extravagant attire that has shocked her. Shang tells her that she is lying because since young, she has always liked the angel in the story and wanted to kill the demon. Gong Xi tries to act like she doesn't understand him but Shang sees through her. He leans in closer to her but Mei San comes and drags him away.

As Gong Xi is getting her make-up done, Shang purposely shows off the swan perfume. When she sees the perfume, she takes hold of it and recites the name of it. He then gives her a smirky smiler. Uh-oh! Now she realizes that she has been found out.

Meanwhile, Manager Du is question Lian – him being such a conscientious person – how could he give the wrong stamp? He tells Manager Du that she is so hard working not because of him, but because of her not wanting to leave any regrets. That’s why she is working so hard trying to innocently please him. And that is why he couldn’t give her full marks. Manager Du tells him that it is a no wonder because he also initially thought that her efforts were for him and then finding out that she is doing it all for duty. Of course this is going to be a big blow on his emotions considering the other party is the girl he likes. Hehehehe, cheeky Manager Du!

Gong Xi steps out as a pretty angel. She subconsciously tells Shang that he asked for it and she hopes that he won’t regret it. He subconsciously asks if he is she is Gong Xi.

When she steps in front of him, she gives him a kick. So he knows pain too! Gong Xi also knows pain. Her pain in her heart is something that Shang will never understand. He asks her what kind of attitude was that. Gong Xi goes, “What? Do you think I am the Gong Xi who places you as the centre of her world? Let me tell you, that naive and innocent no longer exists! It’s you who loves to play it cool, insisting on not replacing me. Since you have so much confidence in yourself, then wait and see. I will definitely make you die of regret.” Gong Xi gives him a smirk and then suddenly a set of black wings “appear.”

The Queens Record president gets a great idea of an angel turning evil. The crew ask her how she got such a great concept. She tells them that she didn’t think of it but she saw it. The president finally gets that Gigi and Shang has met before. Shang tells them that they were childhood sweethearts. And, Shang’s manager finally realize that the girl is Gong Xi. Shang tells them that he has never seen Gong Xi the way she is now, standing silently like a beautiful angel. However, when she looks at him, she transforms into a demon.

Mei San gives up on the filming because she clearly hates Gong Xi and yet she has to act as best friends with her. The president and Shang’s manager tells Mei San that she can’t put personal feelings into this. Then Mei San asks them why they are blaming her and not Gong Xi.

Gong Xi asks what this has to do with her. Shang replies that it is her fault that she has no luck in making friends since young. Gong Xi walks to Shang and tells him that this is all because of him. I caused it? Gong Xi tells him that if he didn’t stick to her all day long, those girls would have made friends with her. Oh, so I was popular with girls back then. Gong Xi gets angry and tells him to at least have some guilt. Guilt? Why would he need that? He grew up with her so of course he would stick to her. Mei San stops the argument commenting that they look like a bickering couple.

Shang has to go and appease Miss Princess Mei San. He explains that they were childhood friends and that she is now his rival. Mei San tells him that he was completely staring at her when she was walking in, the expressions in his eyes like he had seen a real angel. Shang wonders if she really stared at her like that.

Shang and the president are watching Gong Xi and Mei San film. The president tells Shang that he really has to look out for Gigi because even though Mei San was comforted by him, she still wasn’t willing to film the scene at the start. But now, she has made such a vivid transition and this is because of she has Gong Xi to lead her.

After the filming, Gong Xi is left to explain to Mei San. However, before Gong Xi could explain, he spirits turn up and stops Mei San from asking more. Gong Xi just tells her that her relationship with Shang isn’t as sweet as she thinks.

Gong Xi has to film a scene with Shang where she has to grab his neck and push him down the tower. Gong Xi has gone overboard with the action because as soon as the camera rolls, she grabs Shang’s next and is on the verge of strangling Shang to death. Mei San finally realise that she really is Shang’s enemy.

Gong Xi is walking up and down when the president comes to have a talk with her. Gong Xi apologizes. The president tell to not forget that she is portraying an angel. Gong Xi tells her that she said that because of hatred, the angel turned into a demon. The president tells her that she is right however, she must remember the angel was originally innocent and pure. That is something that she must act out. Gong Xi then mumbles that before she was too self projecting that’s why she messed up the performance. Before the president leaves, she encourages Gong Xi to bring back the animosity and feeling with Mei San to Shang.

Shang comes to mock Gong Xi. He tells her that he is dying of regret, regretting not changing her out. However, before he leaves, he pulls her into a cute yet awkward hug and tells her to bring her real acting skills out.

She calls Lian however it went to voice mail. She starts to tell him of her problem but realize that she can’t tell him her real intentions for accepting this MV. Suddenly Qin calls back and Gong Xi tells her of her problem. Strangely, Qin is scolding her but she feels happy about it. In a voiceover, she says that their friendship is like the angels in the MV and if Qing fell in love with a bad guy and that guy put Qin’s life in danger, she would definitely kill that guy. She asks Qin what she should do. Qin answers that if she died because she fell in love with him, she won’t regret it because she would know how fortunate she is right now.

While walking she sees Shang and her eyes open is shock. He walks away and in her mind she says that she hates that because because he made her weak. She stops and hallucinates Qin. She asks the hallucinated Qin what she would do if she killed him. Qin replies that she would hate her to death. Action! Gong Xi walks up to Shang with a very saddened yet hatred expression on her face while recalling Qin’s words.

In her mind, she says to Qin that she is her first friend and even if she hates her, she would won’t want to lose her. She can’t just stay here and watch her dies because of this bad man. She puts her hands around Shang’s neck. Shang, staring at her recalls little Gong Xi crying. Looking at her, he confirms that those tears are real. Meanwhile, the president is watching from below and hoping that Shang will close his eyes and he falls. Gong Xi then pushes him off while his eyes remain open. The president really senses that Gong Xi has transformed into a demon.

Lian’s face lightens up when he sees that Gong Xi has called him. However, after hearing it, his mood drops. He wonders what could happen to Gong Xi because the voicemail got cut off and she isn’t picking up his calls either. 

Gong Xi can’t stop her tears from running. Gong Xi tells the president that she was thinking of her good friend all along and how she doesn’t want her to die. The president goes to comfort her. Shang is relieved that she isn’t crying because of her mother.

Mei San overhears the president telling the director that Shang’s parts has to be re-filmed again because he a devil that is supposed to die think of the angel that Mei San plays. However, his earlier performance seemed like the one that he loves is the angel played by Gong Xi.

Gong Xi then goes to parallel what Shang did to him earlier. She goes to tell him to please act according to what the producer and director wants.

Gong Xi goes to rid her make-up. The president sees her depressed face and asks her what is wrong. She tells her that she is very reluctant to rid her make-up each time because she wants to stay pretty all the time. The president says that the director praise her and she also praise Gong Xi. Hearing this, Gong Xi is very happy. She then breaks out into a dance.

She goes outside and directs to Lian that she may have gotten a step closer to her. Originally, it was under the motive of revenge that she took up the MV to use that jerk as a springboard to spring forward but just earlier, she was so immersed into playing her role, causing her original motive to be forgotten. ‘My acting soul is taller than the mountains and deeper than the sea! I am really happy. Right now, even though I want to step on him with my foot but for now, this will do. It wasn’t easy for me to have such a wonderful feeling. I don’t want this feeling simply because of revenge to be ruined.’

Mei San cries. Shang tells her not to cry. He then sees Gong Xi. He then quickly stops Mei San from suspecting by telling her that she has a fever.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Gong Xi
  2. Bo Po Shang
  3. Manager Du
  4. Dun He Lian
  5. Xu Yongchun
  6. Yangyang
  7. Kuang Meishen
  8. Apparitions
  9. Empress record Employors
  10. Make-up artists
  11. crew member of oversea shooting of Lian
  12. crew member of Bo Po Sang's MV
  13. Jiang Nan Qing
  14. Gong Xi's mom(Flash back)

Behind the ScenesEdit

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Ep10 BTS


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