Chapter 40
Rōmaji Demon
Gender Male
Occupation Demon
Portrayed by Sho Fuwa

Demon is a role portrayed by Sho Fuwa for his own PV for the song "Prisoner".

Storyline Edit

Angel A and the Demon fall in love however this love is forbidden and it is killing both of them[1]. Because of this Angel A's best friend, Angel B believes she must end the Demon's life for otherwise she will loose her friend. The Demon does not wish for his beloved Angel A to die so he does not try to fight Angel B when she kills him and accepts his death gracefully[1].

Creation Edit

The PV is mentioned to be a silent movie type without any dialogues.The actors must express their emotion by facial expressions. For Sho, who is an amateur in acting this was quite difficult however he manage to pull off a satisfactory performance

The Demon must first express his forbidden love for Angel A but also show his acceptance of his death by allowing Angel B to slay him without a fight.

Sho manages to pull the first part off with out much trouble, probably because he's a playboy in real life[2]..

Characterization Edit

Personality Edit

Despite being described as a 'cold-blooded and heartless' the Demon is anything but this for he finds it in his heart to fall in love and also sacrifice himself for that love[1][3].


The Demon has long white hair with blood red pupils[4]. He a long black coat with lots of silver adornments on the shoulders and belts around the waist. It has a long open front that shows his chest and long slit down the legs. He is wearing black pants underneath the cloak[5]. He has lots of silver accessories such as a choker, earrings, and many rings. His nails are also painted black and are extra long like claws[5].

Behind the scenes Edit

However when it comes to the scene with Angel B, he is swept away by her acting. In the take, Sho is so shocked by her tears that he forgets his very simple actions (to close his eyes as he falls[3]) to convey that the Demon is giving up life to let his beloved keep on living.

This is because he was unable to see Kyoko in tears since childhood. The Producer was impressed with both Sho's and Kyoko's reaction that she decide to use it in the main footage.

Though Kyoko volunteered to redo the scene Asami refused believing that neither could recreate the expression and also because Sho refuse to do the scene, fearing of Kyoko's tears

Reception Edit

Kyoko was reluctantly enthralled by Sho's transformation for he looked like her fantasies of 'fairy princes'[4].

Mimori was swooning at his transformation into a cool and dark Demon[6]. As were most of the women who were in charge of the costume and make-up[7].

Both Yashiro and Ren were unable to predict, if Sho's reaction to Kyoko tears were acting or genuine[8][9].

Gallery Edit

Manga Edit

Anime Edit

References Edit

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