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The Locked-up Sleeping Beauty

Dazzling Showtime: Sho-Biz Challenge 24 Hours

Kyoko-chan's Misfortune

Dazzling Showtime: Sho-Biz Challenge 24 Hours is the seventh chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Shoko suggests Sho going on Music Fool, a variety show that was launched that spring. Apparently it has good ratings due to promotions, but it doesn't quite match Sho's image.The show is hosted by a pair of comedians that Sho's familiar with. Inwardly he's concerned he'll blow his cool mysteriousness, but he tell Shoko he doesn't have a problem with it. He considers it a chance to gain new fans, therefore a chance to overtake "that guy" as the No.1 in showbiz. He goes on the show, pretending he'd never had any exposure to comedy.

They pull gags and finally the duo's trademark gag gets through Sho's guard, but he manages to repress his roaring laughter so that it comes out as a restrained charming laugh and dazzles the audience. The next section of the show goes into promotion of Kyurara in a sort of quiz segment; it turns out that Kando, the manufacturer of Kyurara is a sponsor of Music Fool. The question asked is, What is the name of the actress who appeared in the Kyurara CM and Sho's PV?

Sho's in a spot. Should he answer? In public? In front of tens of thousands of viewers? Even though she proclaimed she'll have her revenge? He finally says "Kyoko" then probably realizes he can't appear so familiar because he adds "...san."

The hosts congratulate him on getting the answer right, adding that even though her face is known, her name isn't that well known, then commends Sho on remembering the name of his co-star. Sho plays nice guy, saying that all his staff, even those he'd worked with only once, are precious. He thinks to himself that even if he hadn't answered, Kyoko's name would have gotten mentioned. After that was the live of Sho's latest song.

After the show, Shoko congratulates Sho on the success of his appearance and that his last comment had boosted his image. He just tells her he's hungry. Shoko's surprised by his lack of excitement and asks if there was something lacking in the response he got. At her mention of "lacking" Sho gets a flash of Bo the Chicken, and gives Shoko a gentle enigmatic smile.


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