Ruriko - Kyoko
Kyoko smiles
Kanji ちょこ
Rōmaji Choko
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Portrayed by Ruriko Matsunai
Kyoko Mogami (trial role)

Choko is the main character in a movie, Ring-Doh. She is also the first character Kyoko Mogami portrayed, even though it was a trial. Despite a trial for the role taking place, the part was always intended to be played by Ruriko Matsunai.

Personality Edit

Choko bows wonderfully

As the daughter of a rich family, the role of Choko is expected to exude the air and grace of a proper young lady, even from the just way she walks, bow etc. She was also able to perform the tea ceremony with skill and expertise. She was shown to be elegant and polite.

Appearance Edit

She was shown to wear a Kimono along with sandals. She is shown to have long hair.

Storyline Edit

Nothing much about her role is shown. It can however be presumed that her family is quite an old and thus a traditional family for Choko and all the other family members attire themselves in kimonos while at home. The house itself is old and very traditional Japanese residence.

Portrayal Edit

The director of the movie was not satisfied with how Ruriko Matsunai initially played this role. Ruriko was irritated by the number of retakes she had to do of her just walking[1]. Expecting that the director would give in and adjust to her to please her like others had done many times before[2], she quits and mockingly suggests Kyoko as a substitute to act out the role of Choko[3].

Kyoko accepts the suggestion eagerly for it is a chance to step into the world of showbiz if she outdoes Ruriko[3]. The director agrees to it much to Ruriko's dismay. They both compete for the role of Choko, playing the same scenes in succession to see the best portrayal.

Ruriko Matsunai Edit

Scene 1 Edit

The director felt that she was just 'walking around in a kimono' and it does not portray the role as a rich and elegant lady[1]. Ruriko is frustrated because she doesn't know how to walk like he wants her to.

Scene 2 : Tea ceremony Edit

Ruriko was confident with this scene because she took a few tea ceremony classes as a child[4]. She performed first but was distracted by Ren's good looks while she was doing the scene and completely forgot her lines[5]. When director questioned she gave number of excuses which he dismissed, saying that she is not serious about acting.

Kyoko MogamiEdit

Scene 1Edit

They start the filming and Kyoko surprises everybody with her exquisite manners and wonderful way to carry a kimono, from all the times she helped at Sho's parents' inn[6].

Scene 2 : Tea ceremonyEdit

Kyoko as Choko
Kyoko's turn comes and despite her ankle injury, is able to hold herself together while she performs the tea ceremony[7]. Her adeptness surprises everyone but this is another thing she learned at Fuwa Inn[8]. As the scene continues, her injury pains her enough to turn her pale and sweaty however Kyoko does not break character.

The director and Ren notice this and tell Kyoko to stop acting. By this time, Kyoko is only able to keep conscious by thinking of Ren as a guest and that she should not show any signs of being uncomfortable until the guest leaves. The director, hearing a bit of this and getting the gist of it, immediately tells Ren to leave the stage. In response, Kyoko finally succumbs to unconsciousness, overwhelmed by the pain from her injury[9].


The role portrayal made significant difference in the people involved in the shoot and those who witnessed it.

Director Seiji ShingaiEdit

Later it was revealed that the director never had any intention of replacing Ruriko even if Kyoko had won the challenge, saying that President Takarada would get mad since he had asked him of the favor of changing Ruriko's attitude. He initially thought that if he agreed to the challenge, Ruriko would have a certain sense of danger, but it ended way better than he expected because of what Kyoko showed[10].

Ruriko MatsunaiEdit

Ruriko, witnessing Kyoko's perseverance while acting, reminded of her early debut days and realized how much she had changed. She remembers and regains the passion and she had then that she had lost[11]. She takes this opportunity to sincerely ask the director to give her another chance to act as Choko. The director is pleased with her sincerity and gives her another chance but says that he won't be easy on her[12].

Kyoko Mogami Edit

In the end, Ruriko gives Kyoko a 100% stamp for the job she did. Kyoko accepted her loss in the challenge since she fainted in the middle of acting, stating that no matter what the reason, a person who loses consciousness in the middle of a battle has no right to victory. To this, Ruriko grumpily agrees with[13].

This experience is also what fuels Kyoko's true and sincere desire to be an actress. Hating the fact that she was 'made to play' her role as Choko by Ren's acting, she aimed to have an acting ability up to par with Ren's. Also realizing that everything she had ever done previously was for the sake of others, feeling like an empty human shell with nothing inside, she yearned to have a skill she can truly call her own, one she does for her own sake, and this she decided to be acting.

Ren TsurugaEdit

Ren grew to respect the guts and professionalism of Kyoko and even grew a soft spot for her which soon disappeared after realizing her true agenda.


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