Chiori's Poison Notebook

Chiori's Poison Notebook is a notebook where Chiori Amamiya writes all her deepest thoughts about her surroundings and different situations. Most of the thoughts she writes are grudges and very critical. She has not given her notebook an official name, but Kyoko just call it her "poison notebook" since she says that there's a lot of "evil" coming from it.

List of People/Things in the Poison NotebookEdit

She is the first one to be known that is on Chiori's poison notebook. Chiori writes about her because she thought that Kyoko was like her in the past, a person who will never get out of an infamous evil role. Chiori's grudge agaisnt Kyoko grew when Kyoko managed to escape from her "Mio" and created her own perfect Natsu. After some confrontation with Kyoko, Chiori started admiring her and be-friends her instead. Therefore, she does not write about her in her poison notebook anymore.

While her manager was only trying to make her feel better, Chiori takes it in the wrong way, she takes it in an insult instead and started ranting about her manager.[1]

On her poison notebook, it is shown that she is writing "What the hell is this? You can tell very well she's acting. She should stick at singing, which she's just as lousy at. It's unbelievably frustrating how many people think they think they can get by in this world just in their looks!"[2]

  • Some people in the streets

Chiori was upset on the fact that while she was walking down the street, no one recognized her. She said that she should be recognized because she is an actress and is different from other people.

Although not written on the actual notebook, Chiori thinks in her up her heart for a second that she is writing about her co-star because he just called her a "Wrenched actress". The note she was going to write was "Poison. Drink it Taichorou, I'll make you drink it, viper."[3]


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