Chiori's Mother
Chioris mother
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age around mid 40s
Status Alive
Relatives Daughter - Chiori Amamiya
Occupation Housewife
Manga ACT.128

Chiori's Mother is Chiori Amamiya's parent who is the third Love Me member, plays Yumika in Box "R" alongside Kyoko's Natsu and a veteran actress. Her name is unknown but being Chiori's mother she seems aware of her daughter's history regarding the acting world and her real personality[1].

Personality Edit

She is genuinely happy for her daughter when informed by Yoshimoto, Chiori's manager, that Chiori is receiving more TV work and hopefully with Box "R" being so highly anticipated she will capture some peoples' eyes and get more work in dramas[1].

She is a little wary of Chiori who got angry at seeing her talk to Yoshimoto for she was worried she might have let something slip[1].

She seems to be traditional for she bowed to Yoshimoto, asking her to take care of Chiori.

Appearance Edit

She has long black hair which she wears in a low, short fishtail braid.

She was wearing a light turtle-neck skivvy with a dark, thigh-length jacket over the top[1].

Background Edit

She may have taken more of an active role in Chiori's acting career as Chiori was a child star and would've needed parental permission. It would not have been strange for her mother to have taken on the role of her manager.

Plot Edit

Natsu's arc Edit

Chiori's mother has a chat with Yoshimoto, Chiori's manager, as they wait for her. She seems very happy and overwhelmed for she actually sheds a few tears when she hears from Yoshimoto that Chiori's TV work is picking up and that they are expecting more drama offers after Box "R" is completed for it is being highly anticipated by the industry[1].

Chiori is obviously keeping the fact that she was a child star a secret from even her manager, who believes she only debuted four years ago. She hurries out and whilst Yoshimoto gets the car she drags her mother aside to ensure she didn't say anything weird or slip up[1].

He mother seems wary of Chiori, for she probably has knows the real Chiori having seen her when she is unmasked and voicing her dark thoughts rather than internalizing them. She quickly reassures Chiori that she didn't say anything and was just really glad to hear things were going well for her. Chiori tells her not to get ahead of herself as she walks off to get into the car[1].

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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