Chapter 2

Part 2

Part 3


The job decision is not hers alone. Kyoko says she is in a very difficult position.

Ren and Kanae both apologize to her. But sho say he hasn't given up yet. At this point of time, another 4 way decision, on who to talk to first. This part is very important.

If Kyoko chooses to fight with Sho, Ren will become very depressed, and he will leave. And Sho will continue to be smug.

If Kyoko says she is happy that Moko asked her, Moko will give this cute embarrassed expression. But she still doesn't let her call her by name. -_- Ren leaves then sho leaves.

The real interesting part is if she talks to Ren, and says it is not his fault.

Sho: "Then it's my fault?" Kyoko: "Your fault has been decided 4 million years ago!"

She tells sho that Ren is nothing like him, he will never resort to dirty tricks. sho insists that he's not going to give way. She tells him to stop doing as he pleases, especially about her. sho claims that he has a reason for doing this, and he's not doing this simply because he's being selfish. "Who knows what plans that guy has for you?"

Ren: "That is not true. I simply respect her."

Kyoko can sense a great aura. Even one like Sho can't stay undaunted by Demon King Ren.

(I suspect the reason for Ren's anger, was that sho was close to revealing Ren's intentions and his feelings towards Kyoko. Ren sent sho a very clear message to shut up. If anyone is going to say Ren's feelings, it will be himself, no one else.)

Ren tells sho clearly to watch his words, and states their ethical conduct. sho protests. "uh...Mostly, why is Tsuruga Ren so interested in such an empty talent? It makes no sense! After all, there are so many women you can choose from in showbiz!"

Kyoko protests at what sho called her. "Who are you calling an empty talent?"

Ren steps in for her. "I won't allow you to insult her any more." Kyoko can see sho's face changing. Moko-san also steps in for Kyoko. She says she will also not stand for such boorish talk.

"So you're saying I'm being mean to Kyoko?" "That's exactly what it is."

sho realizes it's a hopeless situation. "I can't win against 3 people from LME." He has no choice but to leave. (They should play the Final Fantasy Fanfare music at this point. :D )

Kyoko thanks them both for helping. Moko notices that Ren's clothes were dirty. He says must be from catching the piglets. Moko gets angry at Kyoko. "You actually asked Tsuruga-San to help you catch piglets?!" Moko was irate, but Ren said he really wanted to help. Kyoko apologizes again, but he assures her it was really okay, since he had fun. He leaves.

Kyoko thought about how Ren defended her, and her heart was beating really fast.

Moko comments Kyoko is always in some kind of trouble. She reminds her to clean up the food used as bait.

Finally, everything is done. They locked the room properly this time. This is the last time they'll be seeing the piglets, Kyoko is sad to have to say goodbye to them.

Kanae has something to do, so they can't go back together. Kyoko becomes sad. Kanae says she shouldn't complain.

Anyway, after this, Kyoko's jobs are finished, so she considers what to do. Another 4 way option. This 4 way option doesn't say who you'll meet etc, but the differences are very big.

If she chooses Training Centre, she meets Sawara and Lory. If she chooses LME, she meets Maria then Ren. If she chooses to buy juice, she meets Asami, and then sho. If she chooses to return to Darumaya, Moko-san drops by for a visit.

So let's take the one for Ren.

Kyoko meets Maria-Chan, who was happy to see her. Apparently she wasn't able to meet Lory, who went out. Maria could tell that something was bothering Kyoko, but she says it's fine. Ren soon appears. Maria-chan is happy to see Ren. Ren comments the 2 of them are getting along fine as usual. Kyoko takes this opportunity to apologize about his clothes getting dirtied. So that was what's bothering her, Maria says.

Anyway, Maria has to leave to contact her grandpa again, so she says goodbye to them. Kyoko is a bit worried that they will end up talking about the jobs again. Ren assures her they won't talk about it any more. Ren offers to give her a ride again.

Kyoko actually already ate a bento earlier, but says she would accompany Ren again for dinner, since he is planning on skipping this meal. She also adds that Yashiro would cry if he finds out. Ren comments she was like doing it for her sense of duty. 2 options here, she can either say it's not sense of duty, or say it's responsibility instead.

Not much difference between the 2 choices. Both leave Ren wondering for a while. Anyway, from the car, she sees a clear view of the night sky and the stars. Kyoko talks about fairies, and asks if Ren thought of her as weird. He assures her he never thought of her that way.

Ren takes Kyoko to an impressive French Restaurant. He paying for their meals, but he also has to give her several excuses to make her comfortable with that.

Ren orders in French, and it really impresses Kyoko. She comments that any lady would be charmed by this. Ren comments, "Well, it doesn't seem to have any effect on the intended target anyway." :p Kyoko thinks to herself, "So there's actually a woman who isn't attracted to Tsuruga-san." >_<

Anyway, it seems that Ren had a special reason for inviting her here, and it's because of the unique drink they serve. The color of the drink looks exactly like the stone Corn. It was also non alcohol, so it was okay for her to drink it. Kyoko was really impressed by this.


Ren is glad she likes it. They talk about Corn for a bit. Kyoko wonders what would happen if a fairy actually drank alcohol. Ren just smile at her gently.

Regardless of what happened, the next day, Kyoko arrives at the Chairman's office. She would have taken all the 3 jobs if she could. Sadly, he informs her that she can only take one job. Once again, he asks her for her preference. This is the last of the 4 options.

If she says Ren's job, Lory says Ren will be happy, but she still has problems believing it. Anyway, he says the results will be out the next day. Kyoko gets herself mentally prepared.

It automatically jumps to the next day. That was quick.

Once again Kyoko is back at the office. Lory will announce the job she is taking, just before Chapter 2 ends.

The path taken here is decided from all the previous choices made. From here on, there will be no more 4 way options. Most of the options from here on will be 3 way options, one towards the character, one neutral, and one away.

As I have mentioned many times before, Ren's path is the most default path, the best path, and the most logical path. This is the most challenging job, but also the best person to work with. Basically, Ren's path is like the most guaranteed.

Furthermore, in order for Kyoko to get to sho path, she has to go against everything that has been laid out in front of her. In other words, she has to do some really stupid things to get to the sho path. That's why sho path is a very unlikely situation to happen.