Chapter 2


Part 2

Part 3

Kyoko sees Kanae later, and tries to hug her, but Kanae stops her. Kyoko says it's been a while. Kanae says what does she mean by a while, they were taking care of the piglets a while ago together. Kyoko says she is just happy to see her. Moko just tells her to hurry up and calm down. She adds that Kyoko always go overboard with her imagination. Although Kyoko is always strange, she seems even stranger today. Kyoko says it's because of the jobs. Another 2 option, to talk about the quiz or not. There's not much difference here.

If Kyoko asks Moko about the Quiz, Moko says she hates variety. Kyoko thinks that Kanae is sure to refuse this job.

Anyway, regardless of the choice, Kanae says she will accept it. Reason being Koenji challenged her in the afternoon. The truth is, she was having some regrets, and thinking of turning down this job.

A 4 way option again.

If she thinks about not being able to work together, she will encourage Moko to take it. Kyoko then gets a rub in the head. How long has it been since she felt like this?

This is better choice.

If Kyoko thinks, "What would Tsuruga-san say?" She will suddenly blurt out, "A failure as a professional." This obviously upsets Kanae. 

Eventually, Moko says she accept. She had done some research on this quiz. It wasn't just about brains, it was about brawn as well. It's not going to be a walk in the park. She asks Kyoko if she is ready for it, and she readily answers yes. Kyoko suggests wearing the pink overalls, but Kanae says she would rather die.

Anway, Moko talks about the jobs. Since Sho went against his staff to pick Kyoko, Moko asks if there is any possible chance he missed her. Kyoko says none, and her situation was similar to Moko's and Koenji's. There was definitely no love between them.

Anyway, they will have to prepare for the piglets again later.

Okay, here's something I have to say again. Like I said, this is the worst job. It's nothing related to acting and performance at that. And everyone knows variety shows are for the amusement of the viewers. The only reason Kyoko should ever have to partake in this is because of Moko.

Anyway, after this, she meets Yashiro.

Yashiro asks who was she waiting for, she replies she was waiting for Moko. Yashiro then talks about Ren's job, how he was really looking forward to working with Kyoko. Shock and horror!

Yashiro also finds out that Fuwa's job is among one of the choices. "What a fate" he comments. "It's not fate! It's a curse!"

Kyoko says she wishes to take all if she could, but that doesn't seem to be possible. Anyway, here comes another question on the jobs. You guessed it, another 4 way option. The question is actually which job does she think is the most challenging.

If she answers Ren's job, Yashiro says Ren will be happy. Kyoko is confused, but Yashiro explains that Kyoko will get more fired up the more difficult the task is. The best way to get closer to Ren's level is to work with him. Yashiro also asks Kyoko what is her motivation for improving her acting. The answer is obviously not because of Sho.

If she answers it is the numerous problems that come with Sho's job, she will also tell him that Sho went against his staff to pick her. Yashiro is surprised. Kyoko says she doesn't know what Sho's intentions are, but Yashiro already figured it out apparently. Yashiro says that Kyoko will get more fired up the more difficult the task is, so she doesn't have to worry.

Anyway, Yashiro had to go, so he leaves.

Kyoko meets up with Koenji. She taunts Kyoko. Kyoko called Koenji Kanae's stalker. She also says they won't lose to her. Koenji asks Kyoko, "Are you taking part or not?" A 2 way option. To say she's always on Moko's side, or say she will appear.

Not much difference. Anyway, Kanae herself appears, and they start some exchange of choice words. Kanae shows a lot of faith in Kyoko. They left soon. Kyoko is glad that Kanae praised her.

It's time to clean the rooms of the piglets again. When they brought back the cleaning equipment, they realize that the piglets have escaped. They have to split up to search for them.

Kyoko bumps into Ren. She explains the problem and he offers to help immediately. Kyoko seems hesitant, so he asks will he be causing her problems. 2 way options, more or less the same.

Ren suggests rather than blind searching, it's best to set a trap and use food as bait. While setting the food, Kyoko loses her balance and almost falls down but Ren catches her. Ren asks if he can continue to hold her hand. She says he shouldn't treat her like a child. That wasn't what he meant. -_-

One piglet soon appears. They corner it from both sides. Kyoko tries to catch the piglet with a net, but she ends up catching Ren and the piglet, and herself inside the net. :p She couldn't even explain how she got inside herself. :P

That's one caught. Kyoko realizes that Ren's clothes got dirtied and panicked. She makes a big fuss about it, and tells him to take them off so she can clean them.

Then Sho shows up and asks Kyoko what is she doing talking about taking a guy's clothes off. :P

They both explain that they aren't doing anything indecent, but also state that this is not his concern. "Is that so?" Show indicates to her that there is another piglet by his feet, which surprises her. Kyoko tries to coax Gretel to her. "That big brother over there is scary. The big brother over here is nicer."

She imagined Gretel saying "I like the visual series one better!" Once again, this drags into another bickering of Sho making use of others.

Sho says, if she wants Gretel back, "Drop that guy's job and join my promo video!" Needless to say the job arguments had started again.

Sho points out this will solve the problem she has of deciding which job to take. Kyoko says, "That's none of your business." Sho says "My job is involved! It is my business!"

Ren says, "So you're saying, you can't persuade her without resorting to threats?" Sho protests, "I can't be happy about this! You're always throwing a wrench in my plans!" "Plans?" "Nothing to do with you! It's between me and her."

Kyoko can sense the scary rising anger in Ren, directed at Sho. Ren tells Sho clearly that Kyoko does not belong to him. Sho says Kyoko has always been his worshiper, just like this piglet now. That statement is painful to Kyoko. Ren says, "Must you always talk about the past? You're giving Kyoko problems again."

Ren comments that Sho could have mistaken her from someone else. Sho argues that will never happen, even if she has changed her whole hair.

Ren: "Anyway, you who do not work in the same place as Sho, shouldn't tell her what to do." Sho: "Well then, you who work in the same place can?" Ren: "No. That is her own decision to make."

Sho makes some comments about Ren taking care of his favorite junior, but Kyoko claims that she isn't his favorite junior. He says she still doesn't get it. Anyway, Sho says even though he doesn't work at LME, he is making an offer, so he is a client.

Moko-san comes out to call her. (She too probably realize that everyone wants Kyoko.) She says they still have a job to do, so she has to drag her away. There is still one piglet left. Kyoko points out Gretel is at Sho's feet. Kanae asks why is it there. Kyoko answers Gretel likes Visual series. And if she wants it back, she will have to take his job. Kanae then uses fish sausage to bait the piglet and caught it.

The settled everything. Moko says with that settled, it's time to discuss business now. She points out that Sho appears to be saying unpleasant things to Kyoko and Ren, which he denies immediately. Another 2 options about Sho, more or less the same.

Anyway, Kanae declares that they don't have to worry, Kyoko's job has been decided to be the quiz. She then whispers to Kyoko, that their job together as Love Me should come first, and she can't do it alone. Moko-san actually pleads with Kyoko, which gets her very excited.

But Kyoko announces that this decision is still not hers alone.