Chapter 2


Part 1

Part 2

The following day. Kyoko met up with Ren. Ren was actually a bit worried about her getting an urgent call. Kyoko says everything is fine, Lory even commended her regarding Dark Moon.

Kyoko has to go to the TV station, so Ren offered her a ride. He says he has something to do there too.

Yashiro caught up to them. Kyoko asks if he has to go to the TV station too. "Eh? TV station?" Ren quickly explains to him. "Oh, uh, yeah, that's right. I'll be going there later." Kyoko doesn't realize it, but the whole thing was just an excuse.

At this point 2 options, either to go now, or to ask Yashiro along.

If she asks Yashiro along, he will strongly refuse, then ushers them off.

At this point, Ren actually gets a bit worried. :D He will actually ask Kyoko what she thought of Yashiro. She says she respects Yashiro, and of course Ren too. Then Ren asks if the respect she has for Yashiro is different from him. He edge his face really close and she explains it is different. Ren laughs and says Yashiro intentionally left them alone.

If she says to go then, she will comment to Ren that Yashiro was acting a bit strange. Kyoko: Tsuruga-san and Yashiro-san really get along well. Ren: Eh? I think it's pretty normal. Kyoko: He seems to be with you all the time. Ren: Of course he is. He is my manager, right? Kyoko: Yeah... I guess. Sorry for saying strange things... Ren: That's okay. You always do that anyway. Kyoko: Well, excuse me for being strange! Ren: Sorry! That was just a joke, don't mind it.

Ren comments that Kyoko seems to mind a lot about Yashiro. Kyoko says she is wondering what is it like to be with Ren all the time. There was a long, quiet pause. Ren looked like he wanted to call her name, but he said nothing in the end. It was a little awkward, and Kyoko sensed something about Ren, a feeling that made her heart pound. This choice is more likely the better one.

Anyway, in the car, Ren talked about the jobs. He said his job requires her identity to be secret. Kyoko didn't say who's PV it was, but he somehow guessed it. Kyoko became worried that it might end up like the last time. Not wanting to lie or mention him, she keeps quiet when Ren asks if it is Sho, but eventually gives in and says it.

Kyoko says she honestly hasn't decided which to take. Ren gave her no pressure, just told her to consider it carefully.

He smiles and says that he would be happy if Kyoko chose his job. She is happy to hear that of course, but having a hard time believing it. The great Tsuruga-san wants to work with me? "You don't believe me?" "But still..." "I'm not lying." Kyoko can tell that he wasn't lying, but yet still finds it hard to believe.

"Really?... You really wish to work with me?" "You still don't believe me, do you?"

Ren next mentions some job pressures. He tells her this is an important job that must not fail. But it remains a fact that the director requested for her by name. This director is very reputable, and he knows who to use. He tells her to have more confidence in herself, if he picked her, there's a good reason for it. She will also have to depend on more than just acting and drama skills. Kyoko thinks about how great it would be to accept this job, how she would grow as an actress. Ren says this act will just be the two of them, so it will definitely be achievable. Kyoko replies that she also wishes to work with him, that's why she will seriously consider it. It will still be the President's decision though.

Another 4 way option of what Kyoko is thinking. I'm sure the choice is pretty obvious now. :D

If Kyoko's decision is that she definitely must take this job with Tsuruga-san, she gets all fired up. Ren asks her what's wrong, she looked like she was praying. Kyoko answers Ren that she really wishes to work with him too, which resulted in him going into sudden brake again. But this time for a good thing. :) Kyoko couldn't tell whether her heart is pounding due to that sudden brake, or her bold line.

Ren is silent. Worried at first, but Kyoko can see that Ren looks happy.

If Kyoko thinks about how that guy would call her a coward, Ren says, "Are you worried that guy would say that you are running away?" Kyoko is surprised that he knows what she was thinking. Ren tells her honestly, that he hopes that she will not decide on her job based on reasons such as this. "Yes! Of course!" She answers quickly, fearing that he will get angry. However, Ren asks her. If Sho really comes up to her, and taunts her of this, what then would she do? Just the pure thought of that gets her mad enough to release a strong aura. "Mogami-san?" Kyoko realizes that she almost lost control. She answers Ren, she will be fine. She will keep a level head and make a wise decision. Ren comments that even now, that man still gets her riled up. Kyoko couldn't deny it. She says she hates this fact. Ren says that he doesn't like seeing her this way either. Does this mean that Tsuruga-san hates me? She was about to cry, but Ren assures her, that was not what he meant, and tells her not to mind it. Kyoko tells Ren that she wishes to work with Ren, but the office will decide this.

Regardless of her answer, Ren answers in a nonchalant way. "The decision still lies with the President. But I'm really glad to have heard your thoughts." Kyoko: I'm really glad that Tsuruga-san isn't saying that he doesn't want to work with me. Ren: Why would you think that? Kyoko: I'm still so inexperienced, and I'm worried that I may fail such an important job. Ren: I don't mix personal feelings with work.

Kyoko wonders what does he mean by that. Anyway, they arrived at the TV station. Before she leaves, Ren gives her some encouragement.

This is the common path, but if her earlier choice is that she definitely wishes to work with Ren, Kyoko says she is looking forward to working with him. Ren answers he too is looking forward. It really makes her happy to hear that. This will not happen on other choices.

Anyway, Kyoko arrived early. Sho was also there. Sho comments about her pink overalls.

Sho: Are you here to take care of pigs or cows this time? Or is it Tsuruga Ren? Kyoko: I've worked as Tsuruga-san's manager before, but that he can do anything on his own. Tsuruga-san doesn't need my help! In fact, I'll be causing him trouble! Sho: Don't you feel sad, having to say that? Kyoko: Ugh... Sho: I wasn't talking about being his manager. Since you have nothing to do with him, you should stop seeing him. Kyoko: What? I can't do that, he's my senior. In fact, he just gave me a ride just now. Sho: What kind of a junior gets rides from her senior? Aren't you a proud one? Kyoko: What's wrong with that? Even his manager gets driven by him. Sho: You are not his manager! Kyoko: Shut up! He has work here too, so I came along with him. Sho: So that means that Four-eyes who can't drive came along as well? Kyoko: Not Four-eyes, Yashiro-san has something to do at the office. Sho: So the two of you came here alone on drive? Kyoko: On drive? Came here by car! Sho: That guy must have some other motives for giving you a ride. Kyoko: That is not true! Tsuruga-san is simply being nice to his junior.

She rebuts him with such force that he has to drop this. Next, Sho asked whether she heard about the job. Kyoko pretended to know nothing about it, but he tells her anyway. She replies, "Oh, that. Thanks to you, I got called away by the president. It caused me some trouble. I was even worried that I would get fired." "That's not my fault, don't even think about blaming me." Unable to argue with that, she simply said, "It even caused Tsuruga-san to be worried about me!" "Tsuruga again. Is that the only thing you can say?"

"So, you'll be accepting my job of course." He speaks as if it's a given that she will accept the job, infuriating her. "Why?" "What do you mean why? It's because I'm the number 1 singer!" "Didn't I already do it once?" "I'm glad you see it that way."

He said she can once again depend on his power to gain more reputation. His arrogance only continues to make her mad. She tells him clearly she relied solely on her own skills last time. Sho doesn't argue with that, only telling her that this was a good chance for her. She demanded to know what he was thinking sending an enemy a gift. He said he's being generous, and she should be thankful, and he will remember that strange face she's making. It upsets her all over again.

Kyoko said she hasn't decided on anything. Sho said, "Ah, I see. That guy must me stopping you then." He says Ren must be the one stopping her from taking his job. Kyoko whacks Sho on the head, and tell him clearly that Ren is not that kind of selfish person like him.

"Then what is the reason?" "I have other job offers, and a schedule to consider. I can't accept than all." "And Tsuruga Ren's job offer is among those, right?" "Eh? Well, about that..." "So it is true." "I never said anything like that!" "It's written all over your face."

Kyoko panics, and really checks her face. "You really are an idiot," he says.

Sho: So, he must have given you pressure to make you consider his job as top priority. Such a despicable person. Kyoko: That is not true! Though, he really did say he wishes to work with me. Sho: With that philandering face of his, no matter what he says, any actress will eat it up!" Kyoko: Don't insult Tsuruga-san!

Kyoko tells him she also has another quiz job offer. Sho states that the job that he is offering is not even on the same level as a quiz job. While that is certainly true, her reason is that she gets to participate with Moko. "So you want this job because you want to do it with your group member. So that means you'll decide based on your personal preferences, right?" "No, I won't." "So that means you'll take my job then."

Another 4 way option.

If Kyoko picks that she definitely must not accept it, she clenches her fist, and resolves not to take it. Sho says she has that "I can't accept" expression on her face. She says too bad he feels that way. He says it's more of returning a favor rather owing one. This actually shakes her resolve. He talks about how she supported him in past, and the painful memories of the time when she supported Sho and hated Ren started coming back. "Stop making me remember all those horrible memories!" "What horrible memories?" "I will completely wipe out that dark history!" "But you can't forget about it, can you? That's why you chased me all the way here. Your head is just full of me." "Stop saying such disgusting things! And its more like full of hate for you!" She tells him to drop that attitude where he thinks everyone in this world worships him, and adds that she will never approve of him.

(How ironic, that a Sho related choice is actually based on turning down his choice. Illogical, but it's true.)

If Kyoko picked to consider what would Tsuruga-san think of this, she considers what he said about wanting to work with her. She really doesn't want Ren to be angry. And she can't always react to Sho's taunts. Sho asks her what's with the painful expression.

Anyway. Sho said that he actually went against his staff board to pick Kyoko for the job. If she rejects, all that effort will be wasted. Kyoko is not the least happy about that. "Wait. Are you saying that I got this job offer only because you decided do things your own way?" It makes her feel like a fool for feeling happy she got sudden job offers. She initially believed that it was because that they recognized her abilities. Kyoko gets angry, but Sho protests it's not like he just brought up her name for no reason, he really wanted to work with her. "Exactly what are you planning?" "I'm not planning anything." "I don't believe you. I'm going to have to tell the chairman this job is unacceptable after all." "So you're running away."

Sho says that she is rejecting this because she has no confidence in herself, and she is running away from a challenge. He even threatens her that if she refuse this job, next time there will be bad relations in the company. He taunts her, saying that he despises her for running away? "Didn't you enter Showbiz to try to defeat me? Well then, you're turning away such a good chance." Then, to deal the final blow, he calls her an escaping lost dog, says she's running away with her tail between her legs. That angers her enough to say she will never refuse his stupid challenge. Kyoko says she will accept, only if it doesn't cause trouble to the office. "What does it matter? You just have to tell them that you want to take my job no matter what." "And why would I tell them that?" Sho says he will say it for her then. He will tell Ren that. Kyoko tells him not to bother Tsuruga-san for such things, and it is the President who makes the decisions. He asks her what kind of a person is the President. She answers he is someone who does things at a very big scale. "A genius and an idiot are separated by only a thin line."

Shoko finally appears. She apologises to Kyoko about the cellphone. Kyoko says Shoko didn't have to apologize, the one at fault is that idiot over there. Shoko tells Sho to apologise to Kyoko to but he refuses. Kyoko adds that is must be hard for her to look after such a spoilt brat. Shoko says that Kyoko is probably the only one who get to see this side of him. Sho gets fed up with such talk, so he walks off.

They talk about the previous job. Shoko tells Kyoko that she doesn't have to take this job if she doesn't want to. Kyoko remembered she really tried to strangle Sho. Basically, this PV is quite important, and Shoko is uneasy about his decision. 2 way options. One of the options is a bit weird. "I WILL KILL THE LEAD ACTOR THIS TIME!" :p

The other option, she says she reflected on her actions. She will not put personal feelings out at work again, and take the challenge as a true professional this time. Shoko said Kyoko came a long way, and is certainly a splendid actress now. Shoko said she initially have doubts about Kyoko doing this, but she is now more than convinced that Kyoko would be able to do this job well, and says that she will look forward to it. Kyoko wants to stop Shoko, but she is already gone.

Kyoko regrets not turning down the job outright earlier. Sho's willful decision didn't please her at all. But she thinks about it some more, and convinces herself, that she shouldn't make a choice based on personal feelings. What would Moko-san do? She hates variety shows, right?