Chapter 1

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Back at Darumaya, Kyoko receives a call to go back to the office. Being the worrywart that she is, she starts panicking about being fired and all.

She goes back to meet Sawara san. Another 4 way option. Basically, giving an assumption of how she must have screwed up.

If she picked wondering if Ren knew she was Bo, Sawara says there's no way he could reveal that, but she imagines how horrible it would be if Ren finds out.

Regardless of her answer the result is still the same. He says that the president Lory has something to speak to her about.

Lory actually has good news for her. He commends her on her performance in Dark Moon so far. He talks to her about the 3 people, Ren, Sho, and Kanae, and asks her what she thought of them. Her reactions towards the 3 were obvious. Particularly Sho.

Lory then tells her there are 3 job requests for her. Great news indeed, but because of her schedule, she cannot take them all.

The first is an R-Mandy CM with Ren. The second is partake in a Quiz show with Kanae. The third is a new PV with Sho.

Okay, here's the details on the job which Lory tells Kyoko. For Ren Tsuruga, the R-Mandy is a very famous brand, and Ren has always been the model. For Kanae, it's taking part in the quiz show. However, Kanae herself has yet to agree on this job. Although it's a variety show, winning it means glory for LME. For Sho's PV, because she did well in the previous one, she is being requested again for this one.

Kyoko said she would take them all if she could, but alas she couldn't, so she has to choose her preference, the one to prioritize.

Another 4 way option. The job she receives in the end, would be dependent on all her choices, not just this one.

Kyoko is most excited about Ren's CM, but lacking confidence. She is looking forward to working with Moko. And the third, she has some misgivings.

Well, for the last option, let's just say there's the difference between a logical choice, and the forceful one. That one is "I don't know", not a good choice to pick.

Anyway, here's my take on the situation. For the Quiz show, it's a stupid job if you ask me. Kanae wouldn't have taken it herself if she wasn't challenged to take it. The stakes are also high on this one. Probably the worst job, I think. Kyoko probably won't even consider this if not for Moko. For the PV, definitely not her most favorable choice. She considered declining this job before Sho challenged her. It also turned out that Sho went against the staff-board to choose to hire Kyoko for this job. The job itself isn't so bad, but she was not looking forward to working with Sho. Ren's job is arguably the most challenging one. But she was looking forward to it for many reasons. The opportunity to work with Ren, and this is the most prestigious one.

So technically, the logical choice is clear.

Anyway, for her choice, if she chooses Ren's commercial, Lory says that Ren will be pleased. Kyoko says this job will help her grow a lot, and it's like a dream. But she doesn't have much confidence. Lory tells her to have confidence. He dropped some baits and hints, and tried to see if she has anything for Ren.

If Kyoko picks Sho's PV, Lory will ask her, is that really her choice? She seems to dislike it. But she did do well the last time. Lory says he has high expectations of her.

Anyway, this is the end of Chapter 1.