Bianca Bai
Bianca bai
Chinese name 白歆惠
Pinyin Bái Xīnhuì (Mandarin)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Birthday October 23rd, 1982
Origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Occupation Model, actor
Skip Beat!
Role Kanae Kotonami/Jiang Nan Qin
Episode appearances 14

Bianca Bai portrays Kanae Kotonami in the live-action adaption of the Skip Beat! manga series. Bianca also starred in the Taiwanese hit-series "Fated to Love You" where she played the main antagonist, Anna.[1][2]

Personal InformationEdit

Bianca Bai graduated from Shih Hsin University in Taiwan.[3] She is also signed up with a Taiwinese model agency named Catwalk Models. She has been a cover girl for numerous magazines.[4][5] She has won an award for Best Leading Actress in 2010, for a drama series called Bling Days.[6]

Portrayal as Kanae KotonamiEdit

Appearance as KanaeEdit

Just like Kanae, Bianca had a long, straight black hair. She also had dark brown eyes just like Kanae in the original manga series.[7][8]

Performance as KanaeEdit
Her character is an extremely talented actress but was also missing love. She is the second member of the Love Me Section. When we first meet her, she is selfish and at first look, seemingly a villain in the story. We know next to nothing about her in the anime, but the drama brings out more character development with Qin. After Kyoko and Kanae work together in the audition for a soda commercial they become best friends. I felt like their relationship was so much deeper in the drama, and I never hated Bianca's performance, though I hated Kanae in the beginning.[9]

Episode AppearancesEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit


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