CM 1
Live-action Name Girl B (to specify the Un-named role)
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Occupation High School student
Portrayed by Kyoko Mogami

B-ko is identification for the unnamed role played by Kyoko in the Curara Commercial.

Storyline Edit

B-ko was shown to spray Curara on her friend, A-ko and turned it into a fun game between friends. B-ko started running on the field while her friend Chased after her with Curara bottle to spray back on her. Later when exhausted they sit on the field and drink the Curara bottle empty while chatting and laughing.


Initially, they wanted a single newcomer for their commercial. But later, the director, Ushio Kurosaki, decided that there will be two actresses and added this role to the commercial.

It was shot outdoors. Kyoko unknowingly inspired the director to have two roles for the commercial with the concept of friendship. The cast and the crew seemed to enjoyed filming the commercial.



B-ko is shown to be mischievous, easy-going and a forgiving person. In the audition, B-ko was shown to value friendship over love.


In the commercial, B-ko had short hair and was wearing a common high school uniform. Another scene shows individual A-ko drinking Curara while B-ko is splashing the drink.


Though Kyoko performed to the satisfaction of the crew members, the role didn't receive any positive response from the audience. Her role was shadowed by the beauty of Kanae's role. Kanae's role received much praise, who alone was invited to Japonet Scope and also landed another role in a drama series.[1]

Many felt that Kyoko lacked the charisma and wasn't cut out to be a celebrity. Even during the audition, the sponsors gave credit only to Kanae. But the director gave his mental acknowledgment for Kyoko's talent.

Only the crew members of the commercial shoot and those who knew Kyoko personally praised her for the performance. This role later paved her way for another role in the Prisoner PV. However, after her subsequent success in different roles, many find it hard to believe that she is the same girl who played B-ko in the Curara Commercial[2].

Kimiko's manager, who along with her client spends most time bouncing between America and Japan, unaware of the current hot topics of Japan's entertainment industry, recognizes Kyoko to be in the Curara commercial. But failed to know about Kyoko's successive roles raised her fame and overshadowed her role as B-ko.



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