Angel B
Angel B
[[Anime - Manga
Kyoko as Angel B - The pure one turned into a devil
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Kyoko Mogami

Angel B is a role portrayed by Kyoko for a PV called "Prisoner" sung Sho Fuwa.


Angel A fell in love with the demon. But, this love quickly comes to and end because the other Angel B believes that their love is life-threatening for her friend. So, she decided to kill the demon.

The complexity of the role is to kill the demon as an Angel and later becomes a demon which Kyoko managed after two or three NG's.


The PV is mentioned to be a silent movie type without any dialogues.The actors must express their emotion by facial expressions. Though appeared to be the most hated role, it is more complicated.

Kyoko volunteered for this role surprising everyone.Since everyone felt that both actress compete for the lead role. But Kyoko had a personal reason for taking up the role with the pretext of wanting to kill the demon from her young age.[1]



She is shown to be more like a big sister to her friend and posses all the qualities of an Angel. She care enough for her friend to kill some one. After killing the demon she was driven mad due to weight of her first sin that she herself  becomes a demon.

Sho sees Kyoko in her costume and thinks to himself that she could be cruel as a demon but looks like an Angel in reference to their relationship, Ironically fitting her role.


She is shown to wear a white cloak with a pair of white wings. After killing the demon she was shown to have a pair of black wings.

Behind the scenesEdit

Initially, Mimori Nanokura was reluctant to act with Kyoko as she came to know about Kyoko's past relationship with Sho. But she was drawn in by Kyoko's acting.

In the scene where Angel B kills the Demon, Kyoko got absorbed in her own feelings of agony over losing a friend. She shed tears, which took Sho by surprise, making him forget to perform his role. This scene featured their genuine reaction and not their acting which is taken by the director as the main footage along with re-shoot of the same scene.

Both the producer and the crew felt that the scene gave that since that it was the Demon and Angel B who were in love, so they re-shot the scene to put the perspective on it more in character.


When Kyoko beautifully transformed into an angel, the staff and cast look at her with shocked awe[2][3]. Asami, the director also praised Kyoko's acting talent [4]. Asami acknowledged and praised Kyoko to be a professional actress[5]. Asami is more impressed when Mimori was drawn into her role by Kyoko's acting, Kyoko manages to enchant Mimori with her own acting and pull a good performance out of her[6]

Yoshiko was surprised, when she saw Kyoko's name in the credits as the one who played one of the angels. She believes Kyoko's appearance is a credit to computer graphics[7].Yashiro also felt that Kyoko is more gorgeous as a goddess surpassing that of an Angel[7].

Director Ogata saw Kyoko's Angel to be malice than evil and has an aura darker than darkness which paved her way to the Role of Mio in Dark Moon, as he felt that she can outdo the original. Kyoko had received a phone call to be on the late-night TV show, Japonet Scope, which features up and coming talent for her Role in the Prisoner PV[8][9], the same show which overlooked Kyoko's role in Curara Commercial.


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