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A bit of a leftover story

A scary true story you don't know: Yashiro Yukihito (25) edition

Lucky Number "25" After ~Sweet Bitter~

Plot LocationEdit

A scary true story you don't know: Yashiro Yukihito (25) edition is the extra chapter from Volume 11.

What is revealedEdit

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed how Ren manages to be on time on his jobs without getting mobbed by his female fans.

Extra Chapter SummaryEdit

Ren and Yashiro were walking out of the a building. A lot of Ren's female fans were waiting outside and were screaming, wanting to atleast shake hands with Ren or take a picture with him. Then, Yashiro just stares at them. A note says that Yashiro gave them a silent
Ren and yashiro walking together
intimidation, saying that "If you want to touch Ren, it will be over my dead body." And with that stare, Ren's fangirls were
Rens fans freeze
frozen and was only able to look at Ren and Yashiro. Then, Back at the LME Building, Kyoko was talking to Kanae. Kyoko was saying that she always wondered how Ren was efficient in finishing his jobs, how he managed to wave off his fans
Yashiros cold stare
since she has experienced being mobbed by
Kanae and kyoko freaks out
them before and it was scary. Then, Kyoko says that now, she knows, it's because Yashiro was actually an alien, because he might be radiating some sort of energy field. This terrified the two other staff who was listening to Kyoko and Kanae's conversation.
Yashiro freaks out with ren

Then, Kanae says that if Yashiro was really an alien, then Ren must have been taken over. That someday, Yashiro No.2 will rip open Ren's body and jump out of it. Kyoko says that it's scary. Ren and Yashiro looks at them.

Yashiro told them not to spread rumors while Ren quietly watched the scene.

Character In Order of AppearanceEdit

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