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A Scary True Story You Don't Know

A bit of a leftover story

Plot LocationEdit

A scary true story you don't know is the extra chapter from Volume 6.

What is revealedEdit

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed what Maria was doing in the LME Auditions the day Kyoko and Kanae auditioned.

Extra Chapter SummaryEdit

At the LME Auditions, Erika Koenji is seen holding a picture of Ren. Her bodyguards says from afar that diamonds look great on her. Erika, while still staring at Ren's picture says that Ren is the type of man who deserves and is fitted to be by her side. Then, hearing her speak,
Erika and her minions
her three bodyguards started saying that maybe, perhaps, she didn't join LME to get revenge on Kanae Kotonami, maybe she only did to get closer to Ren Tsuruga.
Erika's picture of ren

Erika blushed and denied what her three bodyguards were saying and replied that her main objective in her life is to destroy Kanae with all her might. But then, she forgot that she dropped Ren's picture. And a small shadow figure watches their conversation from a far.

Erika and a giant spider
Maria turned out to be the one watching them from a far. Maria got Ren's
Lory and maria at the auditions
picture and thought that the picture was not taken by a professional. Then, a giant electronic spider toy suddenly started Erika on the audition which made her to leave.

Then, back at Lory's office, he asked Maria if there was someone who wants to see him. Maria said that the one who wanted to see him just left. Turns out, Maria was controlling the giant electronic spider toy. Maria then concludes that, people who came to get close to Ren don't deserve to join LME.

Character In Order of AppearanceEdit

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