A Lotus in the Mud
Lotus in the mud audition flyer
Status Auditions being held
Director Jouji Morizumi
Producer Yuki Kuresaki
Starring Undecided

A Lotus in the Mud is a historical period drama.

Plot Edit

The story seems to be centered around the Wandering Samurai, Shizuma[1] however what actually drives the plot is unknown.

Momiji is a female ninja who follows the wandering samurai, Shizuma, around to protect him. Those of Momiji's lineage have served Shizuma's family for generations, and because of the blood connection, Shizuma has always thought of her as nothing more than a little sister[2].

Chidori was saved by him and thus falls in love with him and starts to follow him everywhere and even learns some swordsmanship during this time. Chidori comes from a family of high social status. Due to this she is protected by Shizuma from time to time. He seems to dote on her through both his speech and actions[2].

Cast Edit

According to Yashiro, the crew were checking out Ren for the role of the Wandering Samurai, Sakanoue Shizuma. But Yashiro adds that it was a while ago and his role as Actor X had already been agreed on, so it would've been impossible to do. But Yashiro does wonder if Ren could've just made it, due to the unforeseen scheduling changes.

  • Hiromune Koga as Sakanoue Shizuma — The protagonist of the drama and center of the love triangle that forms between him, Chidori and Momiji. He is a ronin, a wandering samurai.
  • Undecided as Momiji[3] — She is a female ninja. She serves and protects Shizuma as her family has done for generations. She also has feelings for him however due to their history he treats her as nothing more than a little sister. She views Chidori as a rival for his affections and treats her as an enemy.
  • Undecided as Chidori — The upperclassman's daughter. After being saved by Shizuma she begins to follow him around, practically stalking him. She also has feelings for him and receives affection from Shizuma as he seems to dote on her.

Production Edit

The original shooting schedule would have overlapped with Ren's schedule as Actor X. It was further delayed and eventually reached the point of having to do a second audition for Momiji role. Usually if an actor absolutely can't perform then an understudy would have been chosen at the original audition[3]. However, a second audition was called for by the sponsor, the Koenji Group.

Scenes Edit

Reception Edit

References Edit

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