Spiral Echo
Chapter 227
Character/s in the cover Saena Mogami and Kyoko Mogami
Volume 38
Original Release August 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Spiral Echo is the 227th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko was ready to swallow down the questions she had ever since she was young but the sympathy she felt completely... Kyoko finally faces her mother, Saena and tries to find the answers she wants.. After a very long time, mother and daughter confront each other.

Chapter SummaryEdit

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With Todoh’s car in between them, Kyoko faces her mother. Kyoko tensely wonders what to do because even if she came down from the car but... what should she say to open up the situation.. “It is impossible for her to ask first. It would be better for me to say something first before
Saena and kyoko speak at the same time confront
she does..” She imagines Saena saying, Why're you here? How dare you come to my office without my permission? Don't you understand how out of place you are?
Kyoko looks at her mother oi

Now leave. Never approach me again. Kyoko thinks that before she can hear those destructive words that will make her ashamed and unable to show her face... she must... quickly... say some interesting, effective words...!” And, both are surprised when they both say something at the same time. Kyoko says, “I am grateful, thank you” while Saena asks, “Is the uniform you're wearing a costume?” Todoh looks up, bemused. Kyoko timidly apologizes and asks Saena to repeat what she'd said. Saena looks away rather than answer.

This freaks Kyoko out for she obviously said something a while ago. “That tone is obviously not
Saena suprised at the same
saying some destructive words! The timing is really bad. I’m really out of sync. How come it is this kind of fated outcome! Ah, would it be better to make the tone a bit tough..? that kind of thing, any will do...” Todoh looks at gloomy Kyoko and tells her that just now, Saena asks if she is wearing a costume. This puzzles Kyoko.
Toudou says ehhhh
Todoh explains that it is because Kyoko is already working that no matter what, she needed a passport so she wrote a letter to them. “Could it be that you need to wear a costume to work.
Saena says a bit something look
Is this an acting-type of work?” Kyoko says yes, actually, she is an act.. Then, Kyoko freezes upon sensing Saena scowling at her. Kyoko thinks that she received several mixed and disorderly feelings. Her demonic antennas are happily saying that Saena is angry.
Mother and daughter speak at the same time

She felt that Saena is saying, “If you say that you’re an actress, I absolutely won’t forgive you. Want me to say what’s the most humiliating thing is. The most humiliating is you are doing that kind of work. That kind of ridiculous Love Me member. And moreover, for the second time, you are running around in a utility outfit while in some bored and bullied role.”

Saena toudou and kyoko
Kyoko thinks, yes, she understands, her sharp pain understands all of her feelings.. “True..I cannot tell others about it in detail. After all, this person is.. But becoming an undisputed first rate actress is a different cup of tea.” Kyoko says that in the future, she wants to go to work at something related to showbiz. “It just so happen that someone introduced her to do some behind-the-scenes work or perhaps, temporary actress work.
Toudou explains a bit more
And the passport is because I joined an overseas shooting that I had no choice but to do it.” While frowning Saena is listening on their conversation, Todoh asks regarding the behind-the-scenes work and temporary actress, aren’t there a lot of replacements. Kyoko says no, it is
Saena angry knit scowl
because they are doing a secret mission that they cannot find replacements. Todoh asks what is this secret mission.
Saena a bit angry knit
Kyoko apologizes and says that because it is a secret so she cannot answer him and she won’t say it even if she’s tortured. Todoh finds this very suspicious and she ought not to be forced to do some very dangerous thing right. “Will she be alright..” Kyoko says that indeed, in that
Saena avoids a bit
situation, she needs to wear a ‘costume’ but
Kyoko avoids a bit
this isn’t a costume. She tells her mother that this is her uniform from the school where she studies. This surprises Saena that she asks if she properly went.. Kyoko nervously says no, it is because there are times when there’s a conflict with work and actually, she wasn’t strictly going to school full-time. Saena says no, she didn’t mean that. In .01 second, Kyoko recovers and says that regarding the tuition fee, the president of the
Saena left side view
company is always subsidizing her and of course, bit by bit, she’ll also give him the money back.
Kyoko left side view

Todoh thinks that shouldn’t be an organized crime syndicate... “Is this child really alright..

Even if she looks very strong and independent but she seems to be very easily deceived. It is better for me to go investigate it more concretely regarding what she is up to...” Saena says is that so.

Kyoko left side view
Kyoko and Todoh are surprised to see Saena’s somewhat relieved expression and says, “...that mister...” Kyoko wonders if Saena was worried about her. Saena says that she always thought that Kyoko didn’t go to high school. "Just thinking that your educational background is cut
Saena mogami is actually worried about kyoko
short at junior high..I get so angry that my eyes turn red and it endlessly put me in a daze. I’m fully aware that it is illegal but like before, for countless times, I wanted to simply remove you from the family registry.. Unexpectedly, regardless of the consequences, you ran away together with a guy.
Kyoko mogami fresh and pretty
Not only that, unexpectedly, you were humiliatingly taken advantage by him and abandoned. Even in writing, I also do not want to have any relationship with you.” Kyoko wonders if that is the legendary "I don’t have a child" statement and it already totally felt that she had totally severed her relationship with her.
Saena knit brown once againnn
Scowling Saena looks away and says, “It really humiliates me and makes me get very angry. I never expect that just this bit is very similar...” This perks Kyoko up that she slightly
Kyoko a bit suprised saena worried
scowls. Todoh interrupts the two and says that it isn’t quite convenient for them to stand and talk here so they should first to go the office. Kyoko realizes that Todoh just heard what was said just now. Todoh
Toudou smirks glasses
tells Saena that she has something to tell Kyoko, right, regarding what that child said just now. Saena turns around and walks away. Todoh smiles. He gives Kyoko’s bag to her and tells her to come along. While Saena is walking ahead at the hallway, the two follows her. Kyoko asks Todoh that surely, he clearly knows the reason why she went to Tokyo. Todoh looks at her and says
Toudou explains more to kyouko chan
yes, and that is the story of her following her admired childhood friend in leaving his home since he does not want to inherit family business, but then, in the end, they separated and she lost everything...right. Kyoko thinks that in the end, the specific reason why she thinks that this person hides her showbiz activities is because she felt that her mother that she shouldn’t mention her dark history to people who doesn’t know...but... Kyoko asks Todoh if Saena herself told him about it. Todoh asks if she thinks that Saena herself would tell him. Kyoko says no, the perfect iron
Toudou and kyoko talk more
wall will absolutely not let dripping water to leak out even a single drop of sparrow’s tear. Todoh smiles and replies that even if it is like that, as time goes by, eventually there are some places that will become weak. “No matter how the iron wall restrains or perhaps was fortified, if there is a strong burden that always completely kept on pressing down, and also at that time, she suddenly received Kyoko-chan’s letter. Even if her expression is ice-cold but the rage can be
Kyoko becoems half serious
vaguely seen. The Mogami river had become a turbulent surge.” Kyoko is puzzled what this Mogami river is. Todoh says to make Saena a bit straightforward, it has to overflow. “Then, that is the time to try to prescribe the right medicine for an illness because when people are around, it can influence one to be at their mercy.
Chibi toudou and kyoko talking
Hence, one night, I tried a bit of various medicines towards the iron wall that has been fortified. On contrary, without using much effort, a hole opened above.” Kyoko thinks that even if she isn’t quite sure but he made Saena drink in order for her to open her mouth to talk,
Saena mogami nodding signaling
right. Todoh says that Saena absolutely won’t touch liquor that she cannot drink. “Even if she got invited by a senpai or a teacher, she would stubbornly refuse it at the speed of sound.” Kyoko thinks that she can imagine it. While Saena is writing something at the reception office, Todoh says but that Saena drank the liquor that she cannot drink and she definitely truly can no longer control her feelings. Kyoko looks surprised then looks dark and serious.
Kyoko mogami standing uniform talkin
Kyoko says that she has no way of properly dealing with she just went and did a useless thing. “Obviously she really wanted to immediately sever ties with her idiotic daughter but her pride and nature of her profession (position) won’t allow her to do so. For this reason, she quickly closed that awkward situation wherein she is incapable of finding an exit. She was defeated by that scenario, right...?” Todoh says about that, he totally won’t deny it. Pushing up his glasses, he says that a majority part of her anger also definitely comes from there. As Saena is nodding that Kyoko can come, Todoh says, “But, Kyoko-chan, you also really knows it clearly, right...?
Kyoko mogami half face cofnornt

She is stubborn like iron. Indeed, she possess a hard-to-understand and hard-to-deal-with personality. But regarding a person who, from her heart, was thinking of wanting to sever one’s relationship, that person shouldn’t be angry every time, right.” Kyoko hesitantly agrees. She thinks that perhaps, it is indeed like that.

She recalls Saena saying that she always thought that Kyoko didn’t go to high school and how furious she was that she had stopped her education that she wanted to remove her from the family registry. But.. Kyoko slightly smiles and thinks that in the end, she already no longer expects.. Later on, hot drinks are served in a room where Kyoko and Saena are. Silence. Kyoko
Kyoko sits down and tells more of her story
thinks then, she will be interrogated here. “What to do... at the parking lot, I only immediately went straight to the topic before I was driven away. Right now, this mood also won’t allow me to do that again. If I don’t use clear thinking and well-organized words, I’m afraid that I’ll provoke her more to anger.. I have to find a suitable opening topic.”
Gorgeous saena listens a bit
She recalls Saena telling her that Kyoko was taken advantage of, and then, abandoned. So she says, ‘Then, you just...’ And, Saena said at the same time, ‘What you said just..’ Pause. Kyoko becomes gloomy. Holding out her hand, Kyoko urges her to please speak first. Her demons are destroying the word god. Saena asks, “...let me say...since when did it start that you have
Kyoko listening to saena speak
that kind of relationship with Sho-kun?” This puzzles Kyoko about what she meant as "that kind of relationship." Saena asks didn’t they eloped. Kyoko furiously denies it. “It is because that guy wanted to debut as a singer so he went to Tokyo yet he doesn’t have the confidence that he can properly take care of himself. So,
Saena tells kyoko somethin
he brought me along to treat me like a
Saena becomes aware demon look
housekeeper, whom he can summon and call as he pleases for me to do things...” And, Saena is scowling. Her scowl is saying the two of them are obviously not lovers...yet Kyoko would still foolishly came over to Tokyo with him. Kyoko couldn’t talk anymore that she sits down and mutters that it isn’t...that kind of
Saena says if they had a child

Saena says that in short, she was abandoned and this is a fact that she cannot deny. Kyoko looks really sad-serious then asks if that guy...was it Shotarou who said that...said that she eloped with him..unexpectedly making up that kind of absolutely impossible thing...that guy... Saena tells her that she never once talked with Sho this year. “It is Yayoi's way of speaking that made me think that way.” Kyoko thinks ah, it is because Yayoi wants her to become her daughter-in-law.. Kyoko says, come she knew that she was taken advantage by Sho then afterwards, being abandoned...

Saena mogami guilty brow knit
Saena says she only has to think about it for her to know since the two of them obviously went together but they are living in different places. “I just didn’t think that the two of you are unexpectedly not lovers. Besides, I heard Sho-kun said that he no longer meets with you again and he also doesn’t know where you live. Anyone would be able to arrive into that kind of conclusion.” Kyoko is puzzled for Sho said that they didn’t meet. Saena says no matter what, she thinks that it is her sole consolation that Kyoko has already avoided the most terrible situation. “If there is a child, then it is truly tragic.” Kyoko looks surprised at her
Saena and kyoko talk more silence
mother’s expression. While looking at the side, distraught Saena scowls. Kyoko wonders if it is possible that Saena felt that she said some inappropriate-type..of words.. “Maybe, I was born due to a most terrible situation and confronting the me who is like this, she then became anxious.. (Kyoko <- meaning that she is the so-called tragic existence) It is merely just a youngster frivolously doing something that one won’t be able to take back.
Flashback saena and kyoko dish
Feeling that it would be better if everything didn’t happen. In the end, came to loathe my existence. Actually, it isn’t at all that kind of meaning, this expression is totally different from when she is angry.

...Her facial expression is also a bit serious. Basing on my nurtured perception and aesthetics, I had forced myself to read and understand that scowl in a flash. It is her anger and ‘I hate you’ signal. I always believed that way.” She recalls Todoh telling her that she also clearly knows that Saena’s personality is ‘difficult to understand’ and ‘difficult to deal with’.

Kyoko says, “--..I..really like the current me.. perhaps, from how you look at it, I always just allowed myself to play a role that make people hate or perhaps you feel that I’m very unpresentable. I feel that after encountering this work, my narrow world had already enlarged. Whether it is experience or interpersonal relationships, all of my everything was given a life force (strength).

Saena surprised at what kyoko said
If I had stayed at Kyoto, the former me would perhaps, simply not think about wanting to attempt to do this kind of thing if I considered it wrong. Regarding this kind of work, as well as meeting the other things of this work, I have this grateful feeling.” Saena says that from
Kyoko thanks saena for everything
how she heard it, it seems that she also wanted to thank Sho.

Saena is surprised when Kyoko smiles and says, “--..of course..I’m most, most thankful to you. –Thank you for giving birth to me. I’m truly very grateful.”

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