Dark Breath
Chapter 193
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Sho Fuwa
Volume 32
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 193rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko shows her growth and independence since leaving Sho's side, but he still knows her well enough to successfully goad her. Attempting to goad Ren as well, Sho only meets with hostility. Ren and Kyoko, both recently attacked about their relationship, meet in their hotel room as Cain and Setsu. It wouldn't take much to cause the tension to break.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Sho recalls when he was in the parking lot with Kyoko talking about what a great mentor Ren is. She said that Ren is her role model for her acting career. "He's the lighthouse that shines in the darkness, illuminating the goal I should head for. He's the guidepost I can't do without. To me he's the best textbook available and the pathfinder who'll haul me high as an actress."[1] Sho asked her what the reason she joined show business in the first place was. It's true she originally intended to be an actress to take revenge on Sho but she began to love acting for it made her like herself more and more. She is now someone she can be proud of. She wants to become better and raise her level as an actress. To do this she will make use of Ren's kindness. Despite what he thinks she doesn't have time for silly things like love and falling for Ren would ruin everything.

Sho intentionally mocks her confidence, wondering if she'll be able to resist Ren's charms for he has seduced hundreds of women, a naive girl like her will be easy. She'll just be another girl enslaved to love, giving everything she has to her boyfriend. The implication that she will revert to her old self infuriates Kyoko. She is in control of her own life and will become a top actress. She'll never stumble and develop feelings for Ren. Sho is skeptical. "How are you going to pay for it if you can't do it? Any brat can say what you just did."[2] Kyoko says she will go back to Kyoto with her tail between her legs. Sho sneers for this isn't much of a promise, provoking Kyoko into swearing that if she fails she will serve as a waitress at the Fuwa Inn for the rest of her life.

In his apartment Sho smirks with satisfaction at the memory as he sips his beer, for it all went according to plan. Knowing her personality well, he intentionally manipulated Kyoko into making such a promise. And because Kyoko is the person that she is, she will keep the promise even if she doesn't want to. Now, even if she does start leaning toward Ren, he'll still win. He recalls Kyoko saying that she will use Ren, and wonders if she is being fooled by him. Kindess? Textbook? Pathfinder? Yeah, she's being duped for sure. She's so easily to manipulate and her imagination runs wild. She's a sitting duck, and all people in show business are sly dogs. Or, at least, he always thought so.

Sho recalls the confrontation with Ren. Ren was displeased to find Sho waiting for him at his car and distinctly unamused when Sho tells him why. "Don't you have anything better to do?"[3] Ren demands wondering if that's the reason he came all this way and waited to ambush him. Sho really must have too much time on his hands. Sho is angered at this but freezes at the expression on Ren's face. Ren tells Sho he doesn't care if this is his idea of a joke or if it's a way to kill time but he has no intention of playing along with him. Full of a dark aura and his real personality on display, he tells Sho to leave.

Sho now thinks of Ren as a fiend, who unlike a dog would kill and flay his opponents. Sho thinks it's lucky that dude in glasses (Yashiro) turned up for there is no telling what would've happened after that. He recalls Yashiro who looked positively aghast at what he came upon. Sho then recalls Kyoko saying that she will use Ren's "kindness." Realizing his true nature now Sho shakes his head at Kyoko's naivete. If she keeps hanging around Tsuruga he'll devour her someday. The thought unsettles Sho a great deal.

At the door to their room, Kyoko, dressed as Setsu but not in character yet, worries that Ren will act weird about Sho. However she is reassured that as long as they are acting as the Heel Siblings then Ren won't mention private matters. She would really like this off her chest first before entering the room, but she is an actor and must put her feelings aside. She recalls Ren's advice about a professional always being able to switch modes in an instant and get the job done. With a slow stripping of her leather trenchcoat, Kyoko pulls on her pride in her work and promises to follow Ren's advice.

Entering her role as Setsuka, she opens the door of their hotel suite and greets Cain, who was sleeping in the armchair. Setsu scolds him saying he should sleep in the bed where he can stretch out properly. Cain just shrugs, wherever he sleeps it doesn't matter for he hasn't been able to sleep well with her gone. Setsu teases him for having a sister so cute he can't sleep, which Cain agrees with. He wants to lock her in a room so she never needs anyone but him. Setsu tells him she'd love it and they should go buy some chains on their next day off. Suddenly Kyoko's phone rings loudly, causing Kyoko to wonder what it is (she normally has it on vibrate). However she recalls that she turned the volume on max since she missed Amamiya's message and was afraid she might miss Ren's call. She scrambles over to turn it off and is instantly angered when she sees it is a call from an unknown number. It's Shotaro! What is he calling for at 1:30am?! Panicking now she tries to turn it off, but the phone is snatched from her by Ren before she can hit the ignore button. His face darkens when he sees who it is, giving Kyoko chills. Hitting the ignore button himself, he then turns the phone off and shuts it. There's a split second of peace before the phone is thrown aside, causing Kyoko to gape.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance


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