Cm 5
Live-action Name Girl A (to specify the unnamed role)
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Occupation High School student
Portrayed by Kanae Kotonami

A-ko is identification for the unnamed role played by Kanae Kotonami in the Curara Commercial.

Storyline Edit

B-ko was shown to spray Curara on her friend, A-ko and turned it into a fun game between friends. B-ko started running on the field while A-ko chased after her with Curara bottle to spray back on her. Later when exhausted they sit on the field and drink the Curara bottle empty while chatting and laughing.


Initially, they wanted a single newcomer for their Commercial. But later, the director, Ushio Kurosaki, decided that there will be two actresses and added role (B-ko) to the commercial.It was shot outdoor.



.A-ko was shown to be a sensitive person. During the audition she showed her hatred towards her friend for being her love-interest's crush, but soon got over it. She values friendship more than love, since she was much relieved when her friend wasn't angry at her. She is shown to be energetic and playful person.


In the commercial, A-ko was shown to wear a common High School Uniform with long hair.


In times of audition, sponsors & assistant felt that the cast will be famous, especially Kanae.The sponsor gave credit to Kanae, for her excellant acting skill and beauty which the director also agrees.

Kanae's role received much praise, overshadowing Kyoko's. Kanae alone was invited to Japonet Scope and also landed in another role in a drama series[1]. The viewers gave praise to her role and placed much expectation on her.

After the commercial's big success both Kanae and Kyoko, again as a duo were invited to star in Sho's PV. But, Kanae turned down the role because she was offered to act in a drama, so she was later replaced by Mimori Nanokura for the role of Angel A[2]



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